Poker Trackers

These softwares allow you to track your opponent's play and more importantly, your own. Wether you're reviewing your session or analyzing your winrates, either of these tools used correctly will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Both offer a 30-day free trial. I use PT4 on my Mac and HEM 2 on my PC.

Full disclosure, if you purchase these trackers through these links I will receive compensation at no added cost to you.

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The Poker Ecosystem

This Facebook group is managed by Tom Smeets, a long time professional poker player turned poker consultant.

Tom keeps updated research on the current online poker site ecosystem and consults players on the best poker site for them to play on. The service is free and is powered by an affiliation business to competitive sites rake-wise. You won't find PokerStars or 888 as options, for example.

He helped me decide on my approach to my YouTube Bankroll Challenge series where I am making $10k in poker out of a $1k bankroll and sign-up bonuses and rakeback have a very big effect on your bottom line.

Reach out to Tom and ask him about your best option.