Let's talk about the reality of the options that poker players have in front of them when deciding how to spend their time away and at the tables. What is your ultimate goal in poker and what's keeping you from achieving it? A lot of the times it's by being blind to the opportunities out there. Let's talk about thinking outside your box.

On this podcast I talk with PLO Mastermind member "Bet-And-GrowRich", who has the goal of becoming a Pot Limit Omaha professional poker player and has participated in coaching-for-profit programs in NLHE.

I talk to PLO Mastermind members about where they are in their poker journey and how they experience the game. From poker strategy to critical mindset questions, let's talk about how to keep growing, learning and pushing forward. In the first episode, I talk to "floater1" about dealing with negative thoughts.

We all have habits, whether we are aware of them or not. How do we train and integrate new habits, and remove unwanted ones? Let's talk about how to develop and improve on and off the poker tables, and reach our full potential.

JNandez talks about why he started running 10 kilometers a day while being on an upswing month in poker.

JNandez talks about how to think about playing QQ78ds in 3-bet pots on three different boards: A63r, J63s and T66r

Excerpts from June and July PLO Mastermind weekly live trainings, talking about how to approach balancing life and poker, the edge in live games and how to think correctly about equity and expected value.

Excerpts from May and June PLO Mastermind weekly live training sessions, talking about what it takes to succeed in poker, study routine and improvement tips.

JNandez answers member questions and shares his thoughts on various poker topics like timing tells, PLO tournaments, playing vs 3bets, deviating from GTO play postflop vs different types of opponents, taking shots and some hands.

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