Winning $2200 in 90 minutes at Pot Limit Omaha Cash Games


Recently went on Twitch and livestreamed playing Pot Limit Omaha (aka the great game) across all kinds of stakes over at Black Chip Poker. Hope you guys enjoy!
Hope you enjoyed!
Fernando Habegger and the JNandez Poker team.


So now we have to flush draws and the gut shots I mean how can we miss guys looks like he gets checked jammed they show up with probably and need yes aces what what what one we turn two pair if we don’t shove he’s just going to shove essentially looking for this is how you start this and welcome back.

Alright alright guys how is it going welcome back to another livestream over here on twitch it has been a while but we are jumping back into the games on black jet poker and playing in various stakes across six tables at the moment over here we raised and got two callers we got some pretty crazy opponents guys just on a side note.

And also some interesting dynamics but more about that in a moment we’re first if we’re gonna get started here trying to make sure everything is comfortably running unfortunate this got past a turn it parts to turn this straight didn’t get there looks like he has two pair hmm yeah.

I don’t think we can justify we fold this I mean we can we can we can just call and we have the nut draw which is gonna call in case yes this other guy wants to come along as well it doesn’t really make a huge well it does make a huge difference actually because this guy is much deeper actually realized it’s like $75 more behind we’re looking for that Club guys.

But it’s good that he can open the action by jamming you’re looking for this is how you start the stream ladies and gentlemen welcome back welcome back on twitch please put the money in sir I’m ready we checks your checking bro well I think we can not let him check I’m all in all in man call and that’s how we start what is this that’s what I’m saying.

There are crazy opponents here like he pots the terms like a gutshot on top such a crazy such a crazy hand in some ways well a good way to start the stream anyway guys and well we’re back on twitch and this is going to be a casual stream you know still waiting for PokerStars to relaunch at which point we’re going to relaunch 200 hit challenge there’s gonna be more streaming.

At the moment though this is what we do and hope you guys are enjoying it and no whining because I’m running pure okay no whining please ladies and gentlemen just gonna call here I’m playing six tables right now and at the same time I’m trying to put out some announcements here that we are actually alive so bear with me for a moment.

Obviously flopping trips you know what else okay cool I’m gonna better turn half pot we want to keep in some weaker hands don’t have to fire super large should be good it’s gonna pop out and that’s been an Instagram so we’re all informed I feel like on Instagram yellow action first hand was already a sick one doubled up here at the 1/2 game to $400.

Join the action now on twitch @JNandezpoker swipe up cool now interesting hand over here got the Queen hi run down against the player I do want to be involved so I’m gonna call so you can see playing all sorts of different stakes here this is the peel of 50 table whatever is available right now I think this player has a pretty tight range by the way.

So I’m not gonna hold a move on this pot on this board although we have like all the back doors I mean not all the back doors but we have to back to a straight draw no batter fly straight oh and over in this table what happens well we were to pre for aggressor in which I call flop that’s a very interesting turn.

Good turn for sure turn it straight draw and the nut flush draw what is he doing 17 I’m Pam they were just too deep to justify going for the race huge river of course like if he has a straight I think he wants to bed as well and if he doesn’t have a straight I’m not sure if he’s really willing to heroic on the situation.

I mean could have taken a little bit more time to be able to think it true but I I would be shocked to see it straight here in his shoes and yeah he has jacks I mean maybe would have called River who knows okay they’re looking to get back into the into the zone of streaming I mean I stream a lot in the in the PLO mastermind but not really like a casual poker.

All right there we go put it out there to the world streaming at 1,000 2160p never seen this number reforming you want to see some crisp tables right I figured okay access we’re looking for the BAM well came in I mean the hand that he called down off kind of crazy Queen Queen Jack eight-deuce just I’m just looking back at it right now.

Pretty strong start in this dream pretty strong start alright I think we’re all set up and ready in order to jump into this next hand king king queen 8 with a king high suit against a regular Excalibur flop is Jack three deuce and I’m gonna okay we’re gonna do something funky just faint this true I’m gonna go for this play on another note you guys can even see it i think.

I wish to see bay in this board but look at this board the crazy guys three wets me and comes in with a really small sea bed in a three bed pod and we got the nuts but i’m not sure if he’s gonna continue to our race I mean if it’s so tiny we just gotta hope he has aces or so and then continues because we can’t really keep the pot that small when we have a hundred dollars behind you know.

We are like two hundred big blinds deep here gotta try to pull in some money see what happens he folds which is too deep in our hand was too big on such a dry board nor did not raise you know if you can over bet on certain turns and rivers because that’s actually possible some of the games here because some of the games are no limit then we can maybe justified going for the slow play but I don’t think we can in this case.

Hey Cole how is it going good luck JNandez I appreciate it Haga he says hey coach hi team appreciate you joining in here on Twitch I just recorded like a one hour session in depth playing explain and that is currently being uploaded to the mastermind so that comes out and well pretty much after the stream essentially.

For all the mastermind members and I hope you guys are enjoying in the mastermind week two of the 10 week transformation program currently going on as far as the session is concerned I’ve been playing as I mentioned before for the recording I’m not sure if hold a mentor stuck is it stuck I know it says only the HUD I hear is that okay here’s the thing so so far doing pretty well.

Like we’re up $1200 again like playing all sorts of different stakes anywhere between 20% 50 cent to $1 $2 at least so far and just sick picking the tables that are available essentially jumping on them bellows Dino says what’s up from Brazil Peola nerd says not playing from party zoom 500 running there now now mm-hmm.

I can’t play a party though from this location mm-hmm interesting if 500 PLO starts running on party so far it was really difficult to come up with with solid competition when it comes to any of these fast forward slash zoom slash rush games pretty much they’re only running at I mean I mean at least at the limits that I’m interested in only on PokerStars you know.

But if they’re certainly wider sprint and it’s not too bad what tracker are you using I’m using holding manager 3 pretty similar to hold match it through a 2 or a polka tracker for not just as a JNandez you’re promoting the black card mastermind and I’m wondering on whether you are going to play on p-p-p-poker yourself.

If not why I’ve been playing on p-p-poker you know like on and off essentially it depends a little bit on like what’s going on in what’s going on on my end of things like if you have more time to play poker I’m like really diving deeper into all the different rooms and PvP as well on playing PPP on a desktop and so on.

But for the moment there’s a ton of stuff going on in the mastermind and also in our software development department we’re developing a software at the moment which is at the at the last stages before the better release or the pre battle pretty better release Ashley and so if I don’t have that much time.

I’m just like sticking usually to one side or two but I’ve been playing before on PvP especially five-card PLO because that game runs a ton on PPP or in certain clubs that listen it’s really soft so I can definitely recommend the 5 chord clubs that were also offering some access to indie as you referenced Black Card mastermind Club.

I’ve been playing there as well and the action the Brazilian action is pretty sweet put it this way even if you don’t know that much about 5 chord PLO you you you yeah we’re opening up here with the Ace King 9 7 this guy seems to be mature rack I would think just going to check fold the flop tried to pick up some more reads and my opponents on the other tables you going to fold.

The turnover here and raise up can win ten eight you you necessarily my face is three beds 3reds check fold the flop and over on this table are three with myself with Ace King King Jack rainbow not a great hand obviously I mean not a great hand it’s not a bad hand but not a great hand to play in that in a multi way single race pot.

Like you’d preferably have her opponent fold preflop or call and then play against one opponent on this flop we have no business in doing anything else than just checking and obviously folding the turn pretty standard interesting hand on the 1/2 or 0.5 cent super and 5 cent on the 50 cent a dollar table ace 5 6 4 double suited we got the short stack open from under the gun and the cold call.

Yeah we’re gonna go for the squeeze here oh yeah so against one opponent SPR one we’re gonna pallet expecting him to fold like most of the time obviously on this board and yes of rap mm form must be good what was that hint again let me just see preflop ace wow that’s pretty bad actually I thought this guy’s solid no that seems pretty bad.

I mean unsurprisingly in some ways these games are really soft unsurprisingly because the stakes aren’t really high right but still you all right open D screen and seven and get one caller do we know anything about this guy not really I think he is your regular no I don’t think so I’m not sure and we don’t really have anything here have an issue like we could check where’s bluff sometimes on this boards.

I’m not sure like how wide he’s willing to continue so it goes check check we still have no draw no pair I mean I’m just going to potentially bluff the river yeah I think it’s a pretty good River to bluff actually and I’m going to use the sizing that is going to work often just gonna pot it there we go the brute-force method is that called yeah I don’t have any music today by the way guys.

I don’t know can’t be bothered to set it up in a way where it’s all working fine and we have music that it’s copyright free and all this stuff we’re just going to take it as it is right now so over here I mean the backdoor flash traffic which is gonna go for the Czech Hall I mean we’re going over to check and help each X as well he bets relatively large.

And over in this table I three bats in middle position against the under gonna open I think this guy is actually a regular so I’m gonna check back on the 10 10 Jack board I think this is sort of a board that gets attacked really often by the turn and as I don’t have to protect against almost anything it’s a pretty good spot there to to go for the trap.

He bets the turn I could shove it’s not that sexy to be honest let me just let me just being destroyed so I think we’re just gonna call position that’s an awesome river and obviously you know get them on I mean get them on the river now a few pots are just gonna call Wow there you go I mean against that hint I could have one more my shopping River.

But I think it’s going to define the way we played it in this hands through bipartite check off flop turn go check check and we have a straight on a flush board of course just bet in quote apart they’re trying to make trying to make it a hero call and that works as well today stuff is working that’s kind of do some early so far sorry bad pot at 1/2 this guy’s already shallow let’s see a flop.

Okay okay okay okay just going to check and we’re not gonna fold this hand anymore it’s just too shallow let’s see all five cards you got a set that’s good probably yeah alright not a big pot oh I’m not sure why it’s not reading to the max to check that in a second no it is okay beep at says finally some action here we go.

Sometimes you gotta hit two tables you know give some action give your soft action away take my money guys take my money we’re also really deep stacked in somebody’s tables I mean here we got 500 big blinds and over here we got 250 pretty sweet here we also have over 200 big blinds and I’m not actually here here and I could lead up to some interesting spots for sure.

JNandez why do you play solo this is sad listen man you get a play what is given you know if you got love for the game stakes don’t matter but uh we’ll see what happens to your black sheep you know maybe some bigger games are running at some point on the top right unfortunately this guy gets three bad we just got a ditch this one and you and pretty nice one out.

And about it should gather departed you you the biohacker chugging Red Bulls listen man you know sometimes you gotta mix it up a little bit you know you gotta mix it up sometimes that’s called balance man you know sometimes gotta go with the red bull sometimes you got to go with the GTO option for a long-term sustainability.

Backed up a backdoor flush draw and straight draw and turn pretty solid to pair I would expect my put in to take some aggressive stabs down the turn for a full pot and he is going to bet some sizing close to part River is diamonds okay however is a diamond and he bets again I don’t think I don’t think we can call here.

I mean could we call we could call but I think we should call it’s a tricky one alright we’re gonna see a showdown here unfortunately he does have the flush not a huge surprise but you know given the price in our range gotta look him up sometimes you you you that’s a nice hand over here in the big blinds facing the under the gun raised and a call that guy sort of a loose passive opponent.

And I mean we already saw that mr. morality is willing to open wide ranges what the a is 5/3 ace five three deuce no AIDS five three six that he had before and he’s definitely when you call three bed slide as well so pretty nice spot we fought top and bottom 70 in the middle hmm I mean we’re not gonna get out of this part here we’re not gonna get out of this part.

So I think which is gonna go with it I mean SBR to to Perry’s isn’t forced yeah I mean we would preferably just have to latch just get them to fold but if the money goes and he goes in because he’s picking up to 70 right there it’s pretty sweet yeah one guy folds and other guy calls he calls what is he calling me.

I mean I’m not thrilled about it obviously um but the turn at least didn’t bring the straight so we’re gonna shove over the last 90 he has his king of course I mean yet he had a straighter on the flop I guess the Ace King 5 news what can we do guys what can we do I mean nothing really I didn’t feel good on the on the King but like yet only as 90 behind at that point we just got to get it in.

I’ll do against the specific hand we were drawing really thin you [Music] yeah we can see if we can if we can run up the bankroll that I have on black book was really small so we’re trying to run it up here on the under smaller stakes I generally found that the the bigger games are running motor at the night time which is not that comfortable obviously because it’s like american-based.

It’s an american-based pool and gotta wait you know pretty late to play the games they’re sometimes a little bit unfortunate but what can you do it is what it is facing a second barrel hit pretty easy call we got to open ender and na+ trying to pair you and obviously when I fold the river it’s straight forwardly I think I can just found another PLO 200 table.

I’m gonna jump on that one and close one of the peel of fifty games that’s a pretty nice hand open from a short stack okay in a three-bed here and commit proof up against him which means if he for bets you know the money goes in looks like the big blind twister Ace King 5 news does not want to get rid of his hand as well and we’re gonna see a flop heads up.

Flop ten five six with three spades hmm we can bet we can check it’s a really no I mean you know people tell / fold a lot on these on these monotone boards even against these really small size things but I felt like if I bet really small on this Bobby might just continue with some some random stuff unfortunately it wasn’t the case obviously.

I want to build a part of the next second nuts there but could have also gone for a slow play echo call in position creeping Jack 9 and I will just give up on the flop no real connection there my end turn isn’t too bad turn isn’t too bad you and that is very bad weather also the small band over called to Hearn.

I’m not gonna win this hand unless I Bluff but I don’t think I don’t think it’s a good spot to be bluffing when once I called her and didn’t bet flop yeah he ends up having the flush in the river I wonder what the cutoff hat they’re good to see it or not yeah oh yeah deduce Wow he’s checking through so here definitely was there quite a bit behind.

Ace nine five six deep in position against the royalty do we want to go after him I think we’re gonna try we’re gonna try to do something here the stream isn’t the same without the go to playlist I’m gonna think about a playlist or how to incorporate it properly not to data without to parent e95 steadily deep.

And over in this table it’s gonna be a multi-way three by plotting position with eight seven five four and two para inside straight draw it’s gonna be dicey okay I’m going to bet here hot pot take it down and this guy pops it in I mean he’s gonna pop like any a sax and if he happens to have top set I don’t even think he’s gonna play to upset that way.

Anyway but you can’t have top set obviously and you know you have some ads against that as well not many though there’s just so much money in the middle we can’t get away from this hand yes top hair and we went forth 73 baby I was pretty sweet that was pretty pretty sweet cool winning at the right stakes.

You you as we’re going to slowly build up towards the higher stakes here I mean we do have some pretty nice stacks right now [Music] no rush though like 1 2 3 1 2 tables I think we are sitting on all of them aren’t we oh yeah yeah we are actually looks like this guy wants to limp it in you and I think we can we can raise here.

Against this guy is such a wide preflop range even though our hand is rainbow which isn’t great I think it’s good enough here the main concern is that we are at a position now against two opponents welcome to run it up with JNandez that’s exactly what we’re gonna do run up the bank that’s a new challenge for what hope the front of the ACF bankroll which is tricky you know.

You have to you have to fight the variants at the tables and on the site you know suddenly the site goes down there the challenge is over that’s a new factor to to factor in here we’ll see what happens guys we will see what happens so far it’s going pretty well let’s make sure it remains that way.

I played a couple of 1020 sessions last week interesting blew my bankroll on the active poker and I think again I got like a cash back or something like that of $500 $560 decided to play on that today make a video on low stakes then ran that up now to like I mean whatever is basically on the tables which is like 1.8 or so yeah something like 1.8 and we’ll see where it brings us you know.

Not necessarily the proper bankroll management to follow guys if that is the entire network for poker bankroll but it work just happens to work out for me here three bit pot we’re gonna see pitfall two you’re a scream queen jack we happen to check race we’re gonna run into a lot of two pair hands and we just don’t have a lot of outs against that one.

Turn is a 10 so I wonder what he checked calls here with really but I don’t think there’s a lot of reasons to better turn ourselves so he bets himself we’re not gonna fold we could call or jam it doesn’t really make a large difference but I think it’s better to call like if the river is the aid of hearts he jams we have a pretty easy fold with one pair so let’s see a river which is a jack okay.

That’s a pretty good River we have 62 dollars left we call it off what the fuck is that kind of ugly stuff there ugly ugly ugly so he calls with a bear seven really against the three bed range there I mean if I have top side you would read your dad bro hmm yeah so we have five hundred dollars in one of the tables at $0.50 a dollar okay we got to do something with that.

You don’t need the 500 big ones right there yeah that was pretty sad I mean how much equity we happen to turn their turn with forty three percent against this two-parent open-end they’re really unfortunate River I mean we were to pair top two parallel he rivers is straight over here three bib hearts we’re gonna call Queen Jack ten five o’clock two pair and at backdoor flush draw.

So it’s gonna be a check shaft situation check check on the flop should we leave the turn yeah I think so I would think so we’re going to pot and he gets or we get called and we’re also gonna pot the river I don’t really think if he doesn’t have a queen he’s gonna call the river be honest.

Because the river brought a jack and my bluffing range will also have a jack quite often so yeah I mean we’re just gonna get called by Queen and if he s aces we probably don’t get called which is gonna bet hot in order to optimize for that I would be very surprised if you calls without it without a queen but we’ll see what happens.

There yeah seemed likely we’re back under table you and will this dream be saved on Twitch after its recorded I think so yeah and I think we’re also gonna upload it on on YouTube like maybe the entire stream instead of just going for that was just going for highlights I’m just going to upload the entire stream rack by by tomorrow.

You those who the Kings here against the limper mm-hmm this is the ace king of life news guys so we kind of get some revenge there like a ten well they’re not gonna fold okay mm-hmm yeah tricky tricky here tricky tricky tricky obviously against the button like you have no problem getting the money in but if we get if we get potted by this guy after we see bad we are in a pretty big trouble spot essentially.

Okay so the button bets and I think best thing is to raise just to protect our hand we’re getting it okay no I think we weren’t pretty good shape there think we were in pretty good shape there for some reason doesn’t look the next hand so I end up running into top hair in a straight trying to flush trouble we also had the bed of washed recover it.

So it’s our look did load the hand so far a three-bed on another table floppy gutter she backed off flush draws although he doesn’t have that much behind I don’t think it’s gonna fold this flop very much so we rather just take the free card it just hits the range really well there turns a 5 so he gives us another free card okay.

Wow and now we’re starting gonna Bluff the river I mean we can do it with a high he showed a lot of weakness so far checking every single Street and there we go mm-hmm yeah I’m not sure if it registered the last hand Tara seems weird I just see what happened it’s attract or is it not try it seemed like the last hand didn’t went through there was like a lack in the software it seems to me.

Like I mean in the black chip software not sure what happened but it is what it is and we’re gonna open up double suited aces decent flab you you and I will be betting here some questions here Jane and is looking back do you think the Hanukkah challenge was a good idea I think the idea was good but the execution was not great you know.

Like there there needs to be more consistency in my end and that’s what we’re planning for for the next round of it but it just needs to be a little more consistency and planning going going into it I think to the overall idea is certainly I think the over idea is definitely cool and fine but um you know I would like to get back into streaming just like on a more consistent schedule.

But it also has to fit with the with the other obligations that I have right now whoopty Nana’s poker so we’re gonna try to find a good middle way to accomplish build things or not to accomplish build things but the first of all focus and one thing and then move to the next thing step by step you know but in as far as I taking on too much at that one moment you know.

That’s where it kind of failed mm-hmm no we have shadow manaconda stay over sister this is the real shadow Minnesota’s big called the big blonde here 1876 you you chuckles check through I’ll check the turn as well and I will check the river as well just fold over on this table check the flop as the people progress sir but turn with a set and we take it down yeah.

I wonder why I didn’t register the hand that I lost there maybe because the software was lacking in some ways I don’t think it shows you in the results of it we should be like should be up 200 less because I we lost that part while this one is in here you you yeah.

You flop top three pair betting the flop against horrific beats 26 that guy definitely knows how to play a lot of hands before the flop let’s check out the lobby top and bottom pair would you sleep at the flop turn this a six of clubs I’m going to part the turn card I think he’s gonna have a lot of draws there and we’ll have a difficult decision versus part size you you.

Nice we found the place at a 2/4 game so we’re moving up here slowly it’s gonna be a spontaneous 24 hour stream running it up to the high stakes on blackjack poker what do you guys think I need a lot more coffee than redbull if you want to do that so look wpn sometimes lacks saving hands and sometimes doesn’t save hands at all hmm.

And there’s a buck on a CR where the occasional hand just doesn’t get written in the client at all and some hidden hands huh okay well it was the one that I lost it’s not gonna affect me in a bad way at least of my results Jay Nana’s I just stopped watching the Triton series to watch you try it in series man that’s pretty good.

Well produced stuff in there I wish to have more PLO let me just check that’s obviously a like No Limit events and probably some short deck yeah well I appreciate that you are jumping into this stream instead the reasonable hand program defend there all right and I won this table I defended the big blind against the color of open is short and will talk to you which is gonna check shove.

He has wrap blocking is out and we win 139 pretty sweet you’re bloody blind confrontation I picked up a huge hand in the 1t game I’m just gonna show it in a second and everyone folded so far unfortunately look at this beautiful hand ace king queen ten double suited man and we do get a call probably not gonna get a ton of action on this board.

Though can’t imagine at least yeah all right so we’re playing a $0.50 a dollar table then three one two and one two four so five tables at the moment Carlos says what’s up master I’m from Brazil well welcome to the great game question here from rbk.

I have access to good games at PL 100 and 200 in the apps is it better in your opinion to focus on making as much money as possible at these games or should I better play zoom and expose myself to more situations and more challenging opponents improve quicker and have consistent games to play I would.

Focus first of all on building a bankroll because it allows you just to like jump into better games and withstand variants while learning against better opponents later on Ben bankroll building is really important you know especially in PLO because there’s a lot of variants involved so I would definitely focus if you if you found that if you found a cash coward focus on that first.

Trying to build your bankroll and if you are at a comfortable spot where you think you are happy to jump into some tougher games then definitely do that at that point you know it’s important to find ways to escape the rake trap at the lower limits as fast as possible and if you have found a way to build your bankroll relatively quickly I would focus on that first.

Pretty nice hands here in the 1/2 game King King Jack 10 this guy’s probably gonna limp now he’s gonna race generally I mean it’s pretty close but he’s so tight when it comes to raising and if he for bets it’s such an uncomfortable spot I mean side uncomfortable spot it’s just that we have to fold and that’s not great you know.

So I’m just gonna call King King Jack time we also have three players behind they can wake up at aces as well so totally fine just going for the call and obviously on the flop which is gonna ditch it should I meaning in the chat says as real as it gets well that he will already close unfortunately you we’ll see if we can run it up here on those tables you and their case stack at 5100 incoming yeah.

The 24 hours I mean at some point we got to do the 24 hour stream we’ll figure out at what point that is the right right now it’s not the right moment there’s a lot of stuff I need to take care of specifically week 3 in the 10k transformation program in the PLO mastermind but at some point you know we’re gonna jump in there probably what the challenge is back is probably the best point when we needed the most essentially you.

So far still playing five tables here hey Gina and is what it’s a week on black chip it’s a pretty recent what these steaks yeah definitely reason what this takes certainly competitive rake here Rene hurts we stuff about parts and about other unstability x’ or instabilities in the software but I mean the competition is soft for sure.

Rake is decent for sure the availability of the games not the greatest necessarily but I mean a lot of poker sites are struggling with that apart from Poker Stars even on PokerStars PL 500s and running all the time pickup King Jack Jack deuce I’m going to fold it and go from there strip says I see a lot of books in the background for fun.

Do you have any book recommendations that is not on the theme of poker or mental game also isn’t there some peeler event in rod sort of sometimes during the fall yeah and September it’s gonna be the big braaap – big wrap season – most likely I will be attending that as well I mean we’ll see depends a little bit on a few of factors.

And in regards to your first question books in the background for fun books for fun it right it depends what you’re into you like most of the post in the background are not based on poker or the mental game they are more based on either business or on just general mindset instead of specific poker mindset essentially.

All right we call in position here with King Jack Jack ten give me a chicken what are we gonna do guys all right we are going to raise it up here 37 against seabed no not gonna come through and we pick up aces on the 1 2 game or 50 cent $1 game actually where we are deep let’s see what happens over there I’m from the small blind casual table set and I’m going to check back here.

You can obviously also bet it’s kind of hard to get called on the flop my specific holding here blocking so many top hair hands you you batting turn but with no success I mean a little bit of a success we win the pod in a scheme for 8 against shortstack I mean we just can’t just cannot go for the cold call here.

King Queen 8 7 2 2 4 we’re going to take a look here on the button and that is certainly an interesting flop here flop the open ender and the king-high flush draw injecting for Stephanie an interesting spot because all the range is in play definitely have some that flush draws here as well so we’re not gonna play this fast or if it’s relatively slow and just calling the flop.

Turn is a heart and he checks okay I’m gonna bet to turn I’m gonna bet the turn I’m gonna better turn for a half part actually get called mm-hmm and I think on the river I want to check back mainly because the flop was 3-way or should be bad actually the MP arranged in this botch bets the flop check calls the turn he’s gonna have like a set or the nut flush really often you know.

When he has a set is I was you’re gonna fold so we need him to have like a weak flush I kind of doubted I mean there is the queen-high flush there’s certainly the queen-high flush out there um but I think we’re gonna opt for the check I mean Queen Anna hearts is out there as well yeah okay let’s try half pot on the river as well snap call nice Queen of Hearts let’s have a look.

I feel like this hand is also gonna get stuck well now you’re even we got punished back in terms of the tracking because you can see we don’t see the hand history now we don’t see yeah it just doesn’t get registered interesting definitely not definitely doesn’t happen on PokerStars at least you have to work what is given.

Over on this table 51 refreshing Racing 3 bat and we got pretty good hands that we generally do not want to fold gonna go for the 4 it’s gonna be four bad fold given how deep we are and we flop an open ender and to back to flush Strauss if you just like hold a match it just crash or something obviously potting it here what happens – hm three yeah.

Not the turn we’re looking for but we’re obviously committed at this point so we’re gonna get the money in here with the five if we don’t shop he’s just gonna shove essentially and we reword that nuts we’re actually ahead on the turn so steady mines Bam Bam Bam I’m not sure if anything gets registered now now right now because I don’t see my stats anymore.

I don’t know what it’s happening here let me just think let me just see so the hands are probably not tracked the way I see it right here well they’re at least tracked on twitch guys you saw it I destroyed these guys you saw it ok alright 75 at the 1/2 game here with aces against 3 bad 100 pay plans effective we’re getting call top steady baby all in fold please.

Track any of those amazing hands guys I need the graph alright alright so it looks like the stats are back is the hand tracked the scent was tracked okay and then the one that here I don’t think so I don’t I really don’t think so we get three bit by the way and after we open under the gun we’re gonna call that three red and top bottom pair and to backdoor flush drones.

And now we’re hoping that he doesn’t part because against the pot size paper we’ll have to give this one up but we could allow ourself season term cards if he doesn’t part let’s see he’s in the tank and he bets pretty large 67 67 I think we have to still call there are also some run outs and possibilities or you can Bluff.

Well that is pretty good we turn to pear pretty weird bed size but we Jam and yes to Paris well mmm there we go better to pair please track one hands one hand that I win yeah this one is tracked okay alright that’s all it takes to make me happy track a couple of hands that I win doing pretty good into session so far.

Doing pretty pretty good can’t completely prove it will hold them in after three because the tracking let’s have a look it’s as one point 6 K but I mean we know the truth guys we know the truth all right yeah doesn’t doesn’t track all the hands well it is what it is guys you mmm-hmm over in this table we got thinking jacks seven and that is going to be an open.

You have you read to Kingkiller Chronicle I haven’t I’m preparing for a session by watching this just had dinner and our very full at the moment so you have to wait until I feel better how are you I remember those times as well man when you eat too much you can’t play poker really afterwards.

Gotta optimize man agen this was the last time you played no limit hold’em I play the occasional note in the Hold’em tournament you know because of the big prize pools so I jump in there here and there I don’t really play an ultimate cash but I play some tournaments alright.

So this is three bed pod and our opponents II bets the flop of eight nine four alright yeah cannot continue cannot continue gets pot size they’re just too many aces speaking of aces we pick up aces against probably a pro [Music] it’s kind interesting because we could have trapped because horrific beads is on the button and it displays a lot of hands decided not to do it though.

So I was king scene 6 mm-hmm and I mean effing check back is the standard we’re gonna go ahead and bet small here in the flop just a quarter part I get potted Wow all right we’re gonna drop it we’re not gonna get the equity to get the dollar in there at all interesting sizing as well and until one King Jack 1010 single wpn is doing some precious grass with these mistakes.

Yeah pick it up pre and over here we call a double suited very low rundown on the button and we flop a straight we flop a straights fire hot pot call turns the eighth turn is an eight pretty I mean we should check generally speaking of just thinking about like if I wanted Ally bad fin on the server which is gonna check its asset we wish the value down the turn didn’t expect too many sets though.

Yeah what makes sense that’s a pretty nice – for game here ly Jack 1087 double pot hmm so he faced the squeeze here we could for bet this hand every once in a blue moon it’s not the worst spot to do it you know he can have a hand that he might fold again so for that but our hand is also good enough and the position is good enough to play for a multi-way three bipods.

We’re completely with i mean we do have a lot of potential for some turns some turns are absolutely great but we cannot call the pot size bed that is coming in in a second check it no no no no we a complete wrap around the nine but again all back to her stuff looks like he gets checked jammed let’s see what but they show up with.

Pocket aces and he yes ace is what what what he won what the this tent is also not getting tracked or what that was a crazy hand I wish we can go back so this guy for whatever reason slow place double suited aces in the worst spot ever I mean he was facing the desired squeeze and call call why don’t just shove it all in pre-flop.

You we can’t see that hand anymore that’s just sake man and then they get it in on the nine to three board and he has ace king seven eight I mean he’s basically that running straight cards yeah I tell you people will get suspicious if these hands are not getting stored specifically these sick ones that was the sick one that was a sick one.

So seems like there are still some issues here on a CR / black chip poker that need to be resolved that was a pretty sick that bit but also such a weird way to play double suited aces I mean you really hope you face that squeeze and once it comes in you just call I mean on the other side he got a lot of action from you got a ton of action from Ace King seven eight high on the flop then but still.

Still though that was a that was a very strange hand and all the evidence is gone all the evidence is erased ouch is playing on the side guys I’m not vouching for the scientists just make make sure to realize that I’m just playing here not telling you to play there everyone has to make their own decisions facing the squeeze here from horrific beats I get a reasonable holding in position let’s see a flop.

That is an amazing flop amazing amazing what are you gonna do bro all right you win pretty good session so far our guy’s pretty good session I’ll tell you this is going to be the new challenge me trying to build up a a bankroll on this side you can talk to customer support about your hands alright I mean doesn’t sound that much better.

Looks like they are in a huge part right over here on the side note transgressor who just got lucky before gets it in it with aces against wha-what against the set and he rivers it a to outer and the hen doesn’t get tracked again well maybe they take it did get tracked I’m not sure what was that and he says Lowell seems real what is happening gaiz and is not tracked it’s not tracked.

I mean you guys saw it he got he tanked forever got it in with aces against a set and he just bam Rivard the ACE and before he had the Ace King seven eight I mean I’m not gonna go all it against that account guys I’m not gonna put the money in against transgressor just put down the note here this guy wins sick flips alright I’ll put it down.

The other guy instantly instantly leaves I can understand why that was a sick end well he’s also sitting out trans guys so he can’t believe it himself it’s like what okay alright face a three-bed hereby snapper and didn’t flop that glorious didn’t flood that great pot that’s bad these flies are doing double suited aces or if it beats nap folds.

Come on bro pretty good flop you how to say can’t you you you we good flop over here we plop to pair and the open-ended straight draw and he pops into us well we do not block eight nine usually have straight here got a season turns maybe the ace of hearts BAM two three of hearts pretty solid he’s probably gonna part but eight nine and we’re gonna get that by the river no worries guys.

I’m only worried about the fact that we’re probably not gonna get this thing tracked here this fantastic hand that we’re about to win but we’re always gonna win here in the river hit me really how can we miss how can we miss just check it bro not gonna call down here with any blockers checks.

Well he’s good I’d away pretty nice hand over here against fruit ality all right we’re gonna for that income on this guy’s it’s too active let’s see what he asks he’s short as well by the way fifty babe lines before but the ACE Kings having a double but at hi suits he calls solid flop all in and I mean I feel pretty good about this hand.

Let’s have a look he has a hand that is not going to win to make it short and precise for you guys there we go D Boris wassup man welcome back the longtime member I appreciate it hopping in here we’re playing some interesting games that are interestingly tracked or not tracked some pretty sick some pretty sick hands you you you you you you.

I’m gonna pick up a playable hand a tattoo for game is Jack ten seven suited to the eighth you you call you you really just like at 9:00 okay the pesticide feels a little bit like PartyPoker not as good obviously hahaha well I mean PartyPoker you cannot use a hut that sucks as well in my opinion but I agree that the software on smoother and yeah.

But remember particle doesn’t track any hands I mean at least you cannot track any ant so you know there are some drawbacks as well I just want to see my hands you know in the tracker I want to see the big hands that are lost and can then share with my friends and whine about that gets taken away from me I feel pretty sad not raising.

What’s up man he says I just want to say I did Luxor grinding myself sir no audio all right all right slay three cooks sucks Slayer sucks hey JNandez first time here watching the livestream or catching the livestream look at his hand police open please nice 18 instantly instant what he folds come on bro what is happening it looks like this table is gonna break.

We’re gonna find ourselves a new table alright GG time to run it up oh nice hand over here you [Music] you yeah it’s hard it’s hard to compete man because you know PokerStars made zoom ranch is so smooth and fast and enjoyable that it’s really hard to just compete with that you know for anyone out there really.

I mean I saw the PartyPoker has now I saw yesterday that they have the peel of 500 pull running in the in the fast forward format and that felt pretty smooth looked pretty good but it’s hard to get such a pool going really and have it consistently running you know I’ll jump into three six game starting off 350 big blinds deep it looks like racing three beds we got to get rid of our hands here unfortunately.

Still playing five tables by the way pretty easy defend here flopping a gutter and a flush draw backdoor flush options as well okay we just added a whole lot of outs here mm-hmm so now we have to flush draws and to gut shots I mean how can we miss guys there is the possibility we were dominated of course.

Intention with a flush draw but there is Sun foldable hand it’s just the unfolded hand guys let’s see yeah I would expect them discard good really often so I’m all-in call mmm no good bro you had the blocker but it didn’t help I mean I spot right there and the most important part about it is that it is tracked that is the most important part about the hand.

Painting my cat or one of my cats it’s complaining she’s like why are these hands not being tracked I don’t understand that she you know she doesn’t know black sheep over that well at the moment so got it talked to her afterwards explained you know why hands are not tracked as much anymore in 2019 she’s saying it was so different when she was born in 2018 you know.

A whole different world but that’s how poco works you know the game shifts quick you gotta adjust Haney pretty nice holding right there you Stephanie complaining all right we open it up with Queen eight six four and we flop some potential we got some chance another decent hand King Jack ten ten trust me this cat can tell you a lot about the tracking issues on black chip poker.

What are the biggest issues on black shit poker right now let the world know let them be part of it no issues no don’t touch the keyboard all right looks like we’re heads up here time to battle one-on-one guys time to put back on the headphones vpats that’s nice to watch the stream while waiting for the zoom 500 pool to get better oh yeah.

You actually moved now so that you can play there and yeah you got definitely save some energy until it gets soft at later at later hours look at his hand look at this hand guys everyone folds pretty sad I’m gonna stay here I’m gonna stick to heads-up battle for a while see what we can do I’m gonna call here the table send my light in position of Queen Jack seven seven double suited.

And not a very hopeful flop doubles our laces though in the one two game see a raise and here’s a three-bet mm-hmm I check this flop we have quite some interesting turn cards turn is the Queen of Hearts and I’m also gonna check this town card I mean we can also bad but I think we’re gonna get a lot of folds and on the river.

I’m gonna go ahead and check raise there you go there we go so we’re representing essentially like aces with the ace of hearts or queen x BAM beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful river check race that’s how you play that game King Jack Jack for no blocker huh no blocker now you got the max value punishment right there.

That was just beautiful guys but was it tracked the answer is yes even better here in three six I’m going to three bad blind I’m blind and that’s a quite problematic flop there immediately checks check as well okay another free cards that’s pretty good run out part of course of course of course so flop goes check check turn goes check check and then the river he pots now.

I’m not gonna bite actually in this case I’m not gonna buy it in this case just a release release action right now left and right by the way mm-hmm go over here I don’t really think that’s gonna continue much longer I mean heads up as once used anyway kind of a break fast so not a huge fan I’m gonna sit out there.

Tibor says we need some more 500 spectating streams with some cool guests from 500 zoom or higher I’d say that’s an interesting suggestion actually figured out something new about the observer mode where you can just like leave it open for the entire day and then see the biggest hands and I wouldn’t do some videos and streams about that as well.

So certainly coming in coming for sure for the moment overplaying ourselves the great game so far the semi track results around $1,600 up I think it should be slightly more but it’s not a big deal looking for some six max action when I wrap up the stream anyway a relatively soon yeah that’s unfortunate all right.

That is pretty good comes with the delayed bets easy call to visit the cock fall down this is kind of worse ever ever all right we’re off to the last hand why are you playing on black sheep poker and not run it once or PokerStars because that would have to physically travel to my office in Germany I still have an office in Germany by the way.

Some people have been asking here in the chat but I would have to physically travel over there which takes me about 40 minutes and at the moment I’m not willing to take on that way in order to stream because my streams are primarily focused on like you know one-hour windows to our windows just as today and therefore I’m playing a blackjack poker.

But sooner or later I don’t know what timeframe exactly is PokerStars should be back and accessible from Switzerland from Swiss ground so I don’t have to travel to any place to play it and at that point I’m going to stray more and and and stream on on PokerStars you can see here this is the poker star Swiss version which has been which has for at least around the first of last month.

And you can see it’s the Swiss version because there just was flack here in the background this has perished our thoughts eh which stands for Switzerland surprisingly and if you click login it says the casino 77 dot CH system is not available to smell please try later.

And even if it would be it would be available it would just say like you know soon coming or coming soon and so on so the bottom line is we have to wait and yeah that’s pretty much it just checking in my balance here and it’s pretty nice ended up making a win of two thousand two hundred dollars is that real I mean just refresh the balance there.

Started the day with five hundred and it’s up to two point seven K and entrapped a 2.2 K would be one point 6 K so that’s that’s pretty weird well hopefully I will have not have to deal with that for too long or too much longer but pretty cool I’m so running up his bankroll and as long as I do have a bank on this side.

I’m probably gonna do some more streams if you want to be informed about when I go live join our discord channel or follow me on instagram and Jana’s poker there are usually short and sweet like these kind of streams and I will reload the entire stream on YouTube so you can you can also check it out over there if you don’t have the time.

Just tuned in real time if you guys wanted to get into the next level we just launched a 10-week transformation program this is a program for PLO players who are interested in becoming better when it comes to the strategy the mental game the tactics as well as the optimization so as sort of a 360 degree view on how to become better at poker as a business.

So if you want to learn more about hold the manager reviewing hands using solvers understanding strategy and implementing the whole thing with an A game performance then check out the PLO mastermind because we just started within the PLO maximized attendee transformation program week 2 is already out there and every single week I will put out another 5 to 10 videos.

And focused on that progression from week one to week ten so if you’re interested in that if you think it’s the right time to jump into PLO and take it a little more seriously want to have a completely guided path and learn what I’ve learned in the last ten years basically step by step when it comes to session preparation when it comes to bankroll management siya taking mental game.

When it comes to planning in terms of what Stacey you want to play when it comes to of course strategy pre post flop at different stack sizes and so on if you’re interested in that process then check out the PLO mastermind you can check it out of course at JNandezpoker calm there’s also a tour video and the description and reviews and all this kind of stuff and yeah check it out on if you’re interested other than that I’m heading off to dinner so hope you guys had

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