When to squeeze Aces in Pot Limit Omaha?


Playing AA isn’t always straightforward in PLO. There are many situations where 3-betting the wrong type of AA can get you into trouble. In this clip I break down the main things to consider before squeezing (3-Betting vs multiple players) with Aces while being out of position.
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Fernando Habegger and the JNandez Poker team.


On table number one PLO 50 we have the Aces and they are connected and have a suit we’re gonna go ahead and squeeze now one thing that I notice is that there’s a lot of uncertainty about how weak we want to squeeze when we do have aces.

And the answer lays a lot in how many additional components we have which strengthen our aces what the stacks has is our and what the opponent tendencies are or environmental tendencies are so let’s address each of them.

The more connectivity we have the more double suits we have the more high cards we have the more likely it is we should actually go ahead and squeeze now when the stack sizes get shallower the more likely it becomes we should squeeze as well and the biggest impact of all of it is definitely how often our opponent tends to fold preflop.

Specifically when we are multi-way and we’re at a position against two players it’s a very difficult spot although the SPR is small and we could theoretically chose to jam we’re gonna run into a lot of spots where we don’t know how many players are going to stack off.

And that’s a huge disaster because against one player our stack of threshold is much different and against two players against two players we not only need a lot of equity to hold on 3-way but also we need a very specific type of equity which is quite nutted because we have to win against two opponents now or even three opponents sometimes.

So even though we can shallow the SPR against multiple players the real problem is against multiple players we don’t know how many of them will stack off on the flop and that makes us want to check a lot of the times in those squeeze scenarios we will have to check less often if we have more doubles to do at hands.

And once again as I mentioned in prior play and explains what are the key values of squeezing bad aces that our opponents are folding or supposed to be folding a lot of the times which in reality doesn’t happen that often.

So in this part for example the underneath I’m player here who raised and Garko called and now faces the squeeze should actually fold around 70% at a time of course in reality that don’t there doesn’t happen and that makes squeezing so valuable because we can get rid of positional disadvantage somewhat because we can shadow the SPR.

On top of that we can force equity at a part in immediately from our opponent and those two factors really add on a lot to our TV so here we have a clear squeeze but just be aware that if your opponents are never folding don’t navigate yourself into too many of these spots with very bad aces.

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