Top 5 PLO Hands €25/€25 PLO Kings Resort Casino Highlights


Here are the top 5 hands that went down when I was commentating the Kings Casino €25/€25 PLO game on Saturday. It was an 8-hour session they streamed on multiple platforms and I was honored to host the first 4 hours before handing it over to GTO commentator @henry_kilbane. It took some time for stacks to start to get deep but at the end of the night we had THE biggest PLO hand go down, when Jay picked up a massive K97 rainbow flop with KKT8ss and gets a lot of action from two players with wraps. Not only are these hands entretaining pots, but they also show how dangerous it is to overplay dominated hands in Pot Limit Omaha, especially in multiway pots which is the norm in live poker. I’ll be heading out to Kings Casino Resort on April 1st to play The Big Wrap PLO events, with 1.2 million euros guaranteed in two events. Team JNandez Poker will also celebrate the 1st year anniversary of the PLO Mastermind. I’m really proud of what we have built and the content, as well as the technology keeps improving every week.
Hope you enjoyed!
Fernando Habegger and the JNandez Poker team.


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