$500 Pot Limit Omaha – Railing BIG Pots on Poker Stars


Welcome to another PLO $500 railing video, where I sit down and observe some hands from the pool while I wait for Poker Stars to reopen in Switzerland. They already have a Swiss gaming partner and client up, so I guess they are only waiting on the final paperwork. I am READY to jump in, so lets look at some of the action that is waiting for us.
Hope you enjoyed!
Fernando Habegger and the JNandez Poker team.


How is it going guys in welcome back to another video where I’m going to observe some of the stickers the illest the craziest hands on PLO 500 it is Sunday and we already have a four-bet pot here which we’re gonna dive into it in a second.

I still don’t have access to PokerStars because PokerStars is relaunching in Switzerland we had that before now there is an update on that and I’m looking forward to stream at some point be back on the streets guys we’re just gonna watch his hand for a second.

I’m gonna give you the update that will suit aces with the wrap here in the flop against the set well best hand pre pub wins and the update is that you know you can see the client here is holding a swiss black eye click login though unfortunately it tells me it is coming soon so I still have to wait.

And I figured you know why not just build up some reads on the PL or five hundreds trades which are the favourite streets of blinds who grind and hopefully we’ll be back there pretty soon so with that in mind I would say let’s watch some of these biggest hands here by going to the hands section I’m not sure if you can see the entire screen.

I think you can yeah you can all right let’s get started guys if you like this kind of video of course you know click the like button I would appreciate that because it’s gonna help me out in my sponsor sponsor of today’s video is JNandezpoker.com big surprise it head over to JNandezpoker.com and check out the PLO mastermind and a very generous to sponsor today’s stream.

And if you guys want to learn more about PLO and join our she’s recently launched 10-week program and then check out the Mastermind at JNandezpoker.com. Let’s dive into it first hand everyone folds I’m just kidding.

First hand we got a small opening the button like these kind of small opens they have been you know popular at times and then less popular again at the moment the general consensus is that if you’re playing mid or high stakes and there is a short stack short stack player in the blinds it probably makes sense to raise smaller.

The reason you don’t want a very small or if you’re playing low stakes is because you pay so much rake you rather just play a strong arranged preflop in part because when you part there’s a higher chance everyone folds and you don’t have to pay a rake and really rake is just I mean it’s sick you know you’re gonna have a strike at the end of the day.

If you if you track it all down and maybe that’s the reason why some other sites are not letting you track anymore because there’s so much rake involved but it gets better at the midden high stakes so anyway small raises here when the rake isn’t that high can make sense.

Small blind now with a three bet big man with the coal call and of course the open raiser calls as well 120 bucks in the middle three better is the teacher and a really interesting spot because the player and the big blind has a sizing or has a stack size or he could reopen the action if the c-bet size is small enough.

So like betting something like you know forty five dollars or a little bit more it’s probably good as long as you don’t go fifty and higher so that Wow well that doesn’t seem to be that optimal because if he jams and he calls he cannot come over the top right he has to 2x with his jam the sizing in order to reopen the action.

But he ends up just calling and here is another call heading to the turn which is the ten of Spades I would expect a teacher to be a reasonably strong I’m and he 3bet preflop the weakest hands are gonna be like ace X up to aces he can have some flush draws as well when he parts a turn he definitely is much more likely to have a hand like pocket aces.

He could also have a hand that king king queen Jack of Hearts or so but if you end up having such a big combo draw to the nuts of King high hearts for example you are usually better off betting smaller to keep weaker combo draws in the hand alright everyone calls River is River is a funny card of course because the teacher representing pocket aces.

You’re the best is obviously holding the polarity advantage and decides to jam the river into very short stack player who then calls it off close his eyes and he does have the Aces and his opponent ends up having the king-high flush on the river decided to stack after so you know would we see any way for the button to get away from this hand.

I think on the turn he’s not gonna get the odds to peel here with a nut flush draw and a gut shot it is though close for sure because I’m the turn it was a pot size bad so probably will have to fold in the turn just given the price involved but other than that I mean on the river it’s kind of gross and stacking off let’s head over to the next hand.

Here next hand I usually don’t look into their pre feelings to not be spoilers by the way and you can do the same thing if you want to under the gun parts eyes open from a regular I think Luke Boy is also regular but I can’t recall its name that much anyway when someone is sitting on $2,000 there I mean doesn’t really mean that much honestly but probably regular.

So he three bets and gets called flop is ace Queen deuce obviously a fantastic flop for the three better who and subsea betting here what he does intend to see betting well maybe isn’t the regular actually interesting starting point now pretty big bet from the caller of the three bit and a race on the turn wow this is really tricky.

It almost feels like Luke boy has pocket aces with the nut flush draw I mean that’s how he plays it sort of check back the flop because it’s completely crushing the board and on the attorney raises if you end up having topside in the flash trailer Jenna just want to call there she soured that many hands I can continue but mister neighbor look holes.

River is a seven so a completely meaningless cards Jam all in so he’s basically saying hey I slept like aces and the nut flush draw and he does get called by Queens mmm the sole reads Jane is with the sole read top set in flush draw what do we think about mr. Knable does play well I don’t think you should be calling the three bet to be honest.

Even the open raised in the first place you know I can some strong regulars in position here super parks and drive my nuts is questionable and what do you think what loop boy slow play on the flop I think you can you know you can do that I don’t think wow I don’t think it’s a great move necessarily just because you don’t have the king of clubs.

Like if you have ace ace king with ace king of clubs probably makes a little bit more sense and in this situation I think you generally want to bet I don’t think people are gonna Bluff you that aggressively if you check back on this lob as a three better not a big deal I think that this is a interesting way to play the hand I will probably just call the turn once I decided to slow play because the turn is such a big blank you know.

To turn is a card like a nine of diamonds you know you want to raise your ace ace with a nut flush draw but on the six of hearts I will probably just go out and still play once again with the finger but mister nibblers play here that calling the turn and stacking off on the river I don’t know it’s so hard to fold a set you know.

No judgment there big pot of course 300 big blinds so interesting we just slow play like people don’t find a lot of spots of slow playing PLO this was sort of a prime spot to do so even though the combination itself I mean it’s fine but like ace king of clubs would have been the no-brainer so play.

So here in this next hand we have the button powering the drive my nuts with a three bet that she would a cold call I think I remember now the teacher is kind of a little bit out of line I’m not sure about the button from Finland probably irregular so flop is seven four six and obviously the three better is doing pretty poor in this board what his range as well as the the teacher.

Like the cool cording range of a three-bed should be quite high card heavy domination potential obviously no aces but like double suited high cards so generally speaking the button is doing pretty good in this board it goes check pot pot all right all in and let’s have a look what they show up with.

Yeah I mean obviously the button has the nut space they live like King King five five these hands are hands you should generally not call three beds which is because there are so many officer you just have to fold look if you don’t flop a set you have a really hard time and you just don’t pop a set that often they keep it on this board.

It’s not really great if you get the money and I can this case specifically it’s obviously really not good first one this guy makes it straight on the button and the second oh the only one one time Batman okay interesting place here at the peel of – are Swedes guys I can’t wait to get back into the hunt.

And here we have another hands I think I saw aces in here Oh shoes sorry about the spoiler look boy now with an image here I think when you go into the replayer sometimes the image doesn’t doesn’t work correctly but anyway he goes out and raises gets three bed I would generally recommend you guys that you are displaying the image when you are playing just because it helps you easier to identify who is who.

Easier than the screen name okay that’s just more memorable so raise three bed four bath obviously as aces he calls to four beds this guy’s an unknown player to me all in on the flop is Queen ninety-four against aces Jack ten I mean pretty standard from hero ace Queen nine four yeah I mean it is closed but probably you should just be folding against the four that instead of calling.

And he gets punished with this run out what else do we have here another hand between two unknown players to me erasing three bet call Jack Jack eight goes check check on the flop the lazy bit of a turn for a half pot okay and he gets raised big Wow just calls with $88 left all-in and call he has kinking 85 against ace Jack ten nine.

Interesting I mean that’s a pretty stick river card obviously I think from engi spots probably wants to just leave the flop on a sidenote like King King eight five and in fact both of the Kings are not hands who generally want a 3bet preflop because they don’t flop that’s moving three or four by pots that kinking eight five doesn’t really flop many combo draws right.

In three bet parts so you rather have like a large SP arm position where you can float and Bluff race and also the hand in itself does really poor against the for bed so that’s why you sell them three bed kings unless they are double suited and connected or they have an ace like ace king king so they’re they’re blocking aces essentially.

Yeah and like a lot of these aces are probably going to check back when Jack Jack eight and therefore I would recommend to lead out with this hand and you can just balance it by including future diamond blockers some of the flush draws some 10-9 type of stuff got shots you know a wide rarity of semi Bluffs essentially.

Or future blockers and it includes a hand lefty ace Jack ten nine and then I’m gonna turn instead of going for the chacras that which is bet myself because I think it’s pretty unlikely the imposition players going to bed and maybe he just bet because he turned three baits but if you have like Bear Kings or aces he probably wouldn’t so I would just go ahead and bet turn shove rêveur.

And from this guy’s perspective again preflop which is when a flat ass played on the flop I would certainly check back as well I would also check back to turn mm-hmm I mean you could bet the turn but I don’t really don’t think you should be stacking after essentially interesting one as well.

Yeah and it’s time we just saw in the beginning of the of this video so Luke boy wouldn’t open three bed four beds call-call so he luke book hauls the four bed here and yes yes Jack jackdaw died yeah you don’t want to call for bets when you only have $15 in in invested because there aren’t many flops that you gonna be happy with.

Phoenix you’re gonna have to give up when your equity on most boards unless you magically hit a set I mean it’s not magically but you know four outs so he does go for the set binding option and gets punished for that and of course the finished player here above.

The ACS Quinton played the hand completely standard pre-imposed flop and I think that pretty much wraps up this little review we had a couple of interesting hands if you guys like this format let me know I’m gonna do more of those videos while I’m waiting to jump back into the action guys anyway and enjoy your week JNandez over and out.

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