Pot Limit Omaha 3-Bet Pot Quick Tip – Check or Bet?


A quick tip from a spot that came up in one of the PLO Mastermind Play and Explains Reloaded course.
Hope you enjoyed!
Fernando Habegger and the JNandez Poker team.


This player Johnny Drama seems to be like a really aggressive place a lot of hens pre so our hand is doing fine preflop so far you and this flop we have to check a lot so either I don’t mind checking the medium part at all.

The question is just that we want to check jam or chat call Johnny dreams would have bet here he has a wide range primo business to be aggressive he’s probably gonna stack off but still the playability is not great on my end but the equity is there’s already 100 in the middle yeah I’m not super happy about this but we’re gonna check jam here just given his overall profile of being very aggressive.

And he goes in folds so that was a pretty nice situation ever picked up a pretty large bet by checking and as always the way to identify whether you want to see bet or check is first of all think about whether you want to bet a high frequency given the board texture.

And your preflop raise and if the answer is you don’t want to bet a high frequency then checking the majority of your range unless you have liked them very most not at combinations and blockers is probably the best way to approach this.

The reason you want to bet the very best hands is because you’re blocking their putting it’s a stabbing range but also you’re wasting a lot of value by not betting and risking that your opponents are going to check back.

And if you have the more medium part of your distribution like my hand there and you’re not really risking that much by checking because it’s not like you have a hand that needs to build a part because there’s so much value behind it the main value from Queen Queen 8/8 is to induce our opponents to make it take a step or take a stab on turns rivers on return etcetera or flush.

Or if we had the nut straight in the non flush draw the main value comes from dominating our opponent’s calling range having great distributions dominating two pairs and sets and whatnot and getting value from these hands.

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