JNP PLO Sims Pack – Requires Monker Solver


– How many sims are these?
Click here to view all the PLO sims included. All postflop sims are run on 274 different flops each, totaling up to over 5,000 simulations.

To view the solutions for turn and river we suggest solving for the specific runout on the postflop sim, which is pretty easy and fast to do with Monker Solver.

– What do I need to view the PLO sims?
You need an active Monker Solver license, which you can get at monkerware.com We are not affiliated with their product.

16 GB RAM is enough to load and browse our sims. Smaller simulations including the HU preflop 100bb sim can be opened with 8 GB RAM or less.

– Added information about the sims pack.
These preflop simulations were ran around 2018, and we have since ran higher accuracy preflop ranges. The latter will be accessible through our PLO GTO training software that is currently in beta. Currently, PLO Mastermind members can access the beta with an active subscription for $99/month. If you already own Monker Solver, the JNP PLO Sims pack a very useful tool and can be used to enhance the use of our software.

– Where are the sims stored?
They are stored in Google Drive. Once purchased, your email address will be given access within 1 business day.

Can I download all the files at once?
We recommend using a Google Drive Chrome extension. Otherwise Google Drive will likely display a download error because of the quantity and size of files. It takes a long time to get zipped and then shows errors.

Our suggestions is to download the preflop sims once and store them on your computer. For the postflop sims, download whichever you are working with. You can delete them and simply download them again if necessary.