How to think in Ranges in Poker (PLO Mastermind Q&A)


A recent Q&A session from the PLO Mastermind, talking about ranges in PLO
Hope you enjoyed!
Fernando Habegger and the JNandez Poker team.


Alright guys we should be life welcome back to another Q&A; live streaming in the PLO mastermind as usual we’re going to join here the topic of discussion in around two to three minutes waiting for everyone to tune in today I don’t have a specific topic in mind we’re going to go through your open questions in the Facebook group.

If you have any open questions of course feel free to ask them also here on Facebook I want to chime in to the forum and look for posts but obviously any questions that you guys have might have are going to be prioritized so just waiting for everyone to tune in here.

Lucas Valley Oh Christian yen’s we got tomash Kevin sokku Durai Robin Mario Matt how’s it going welcome to the live stream oscar joining us as well if you have any questions for today feel free to ask them otherwise we’re gonna go through recent posts in the facebook group as well as in the bathroom at forum and i go through some hands.

Gonna go through some open questions and as usual if you guys have any questions we’re gonna prioritize that as well we’re gonna start off with this hand here that you saw posted yeah until everyone Tunes in then we’re gonna officially get started here with our main procedure.

I’m gonna go to this hand I think I guess if you’ve any questions thanks for tuning in as well then feel free to ask them right now in the Facebook live stream so first hand here is Hiro in the small blind with ace ace five six sigma suited ace on the down lips cut off races to twenty five so that’s part hero rear aces pot and we are very deep here over three on the big blinds deep.

Big blind with the over call under gonna fold in the cut of calls is a three-way flop and we are I mean the big plant is a 250 big blind steep and we are over 300 big blind steep effective with the cutoff players it’s a 3-way spot out of position to and when I say our opposition to then I’m referring to our opposition against opponents.

Mario says thinking and ranges and not just focus on the actual card is hard yeah it definitely isn’t easy I mean poker is hard but on the other side it’s all connected to principles and concepts right I actually just had spent the last couple of hours analyzing a spot for the next blueprint video.

You can see that right here and time the gist of it is really understanding what triggers certain hands to certain directions and then what concept is sort of attached to it it’s really the the gist of my study work away from the table so it’s not only what should you do but more so why should you do it.

And obviously the solver as solver or game theory in general wouldn’t tell you exactly why you should do something you have sort of connected to the bigger picture definitely not the easiest task but it’s the way to develop a higher understanding of the game.

So anyway we are our position here again 250 slash three on the big blind steep and through a path with a six five six flop is Queen Jack seven so there’s 1692 in the middle and we have a hundred and eighty two to start so that means we still have like a hundred and seventy back how that’s that’s deep oh no there’s 23 in the middle okay that makes more sense.

There’s 23 in the middle or 24 we still got a hundred and seventy back and the big blinds gonna have 120 back so that’s like an SBR of five more than five even oh but more than five and yeah and obviously the cutoff player is covering us.

So let’s talk about principles and and about connecting these principles to have a better understanding of how it should play a hand not based only on the strength of our hand but of our entire range so in this part with three bets our position very deep and we get two callers in the fabrays queen jack seven.

The first principle I was sort of time to grasp here is is this a board we want to better a higher frequency or a lower frequency is this a situation we want a better a higher frequency or lower situation show the first questions ready to the board.

And the second question related to the set the fact that we’re at a position against two player at highest BR so let’s answer the second question first because it’s kind of easier and you can connect it to the and single raised parts at a position.

When you are out of position and it’s gonna be guaranteed quote-unquote that you’re gonna be at a position over multiple stories following then you generally want to tone down the betting because building apart while you are gonna be out of position over multiple streets following is very disadvantageous.

The reason is disadvantageous because it’s hard to extract value when you do hit for example the nuts and at the same time balancing your range without sacrificing value when you are in position you’re able to play much more straightforward with your very strong hands because you mainly want to bet them.

The reason you want to bet you’re very strong hands in positions because if you don’t bet there’s no way money goes in the middle and your goal of course with very strong hands is to build up heart which is especially important in PLO because you cannot over but when you are out of position.

When you’re out of position you gotta be a lot more careful because if you battle the strong hands you want to build apart with then you’re checking range becomes very vulnerable and itch the reason that is issue is because your opponent has still is still left to act and then you can punish you if you check a weak range.

So when you’re out of position at high SPR that’s the formula you want to be really careful betting what are now the main reasons you still wanna bet what are the main components that you want to hold when you are betting and the answer is any sort of components that are related towards playability right.

If you play a lot of turns and a lot of rivers out of position you want to make sure you have a hand that can handle the shifts that is able to continue betting that is able to have a clear vision over how you want to proceed and that is often related to of having strong run outs in terms of equity and nuttiness especially but also in terms of future blockers.

If you have very strong future block or so you can start betting because you have a clear vision you’re clairvoyant over the fact that you have the nut block or you can continue barreling and applying pressure what you don’t want to have is you don’t want to build a pot out of position and then be in a spot where the term card is putting into a really tough spot.

When it comes to checking versus betting or when it comes to checking and facing a big bet and I really thought a lot about exactly that so if what I was just saying isn’t 100% clear feel free to ask of course or re-watch the last three minutes because that’s extremely important.

These concepts they these concepts are repeating themselves over and over again in heads up situations in multi way situations in three webparts incinerates parts so let’s think about these concepts as we are in the spot we are our position against two at highest PR should we bet a lot as a default.

No why not because if our opponents call against the polarize range which is what we’re seeing then they can play the turning position that’s bad if the SPR is as large as it will be now our distill hands we won a bet yes and what are the components of these hands tons of playability tons of playability right.

In this case I would say if we had a hand like ace ace 10 with the nut flush draw and backdoor diamonds that would be a strong hand or strong enough hands to start betting and building apart because there are more turns that we connect with ace ace 10 8 even ace ace five six the hand behalf.

If we actually had backdoor diamonds that those hands are all in question of betting or checking because the reason they’re in question is because they would play good enough when getting called on many many turns now when you look at our hand our hand can connect with certain turns but they’re also a ton of turns out there that are pretty bad for us.

So in this case King at henna 98 find basically any card but spades right even the ace is tainted so bringing these concepts together out of position at high SPR lack of playability and I know it’s a high standard to say this hand is lack of ability.

But there is some lack when you really think about all possible term cards that those two concepts are more important than whether or not you have enough equity to stack off which is the case here but it’s not as important the bigger and larger the SBR becomes.

Imagine it this way let’s say you are in a single raised pot out of position and the SPR is very large do you think about your betting decisions based on can I stack off when all the money goes in on the flop mainly no because that is a very infrequent occurrence.

You should think a lot more about turns and rivers so in this case turns and rivers are quite marginal the flop in itself isn’t that great for our three better range because we have mainly aces in our prefab range and not Queens or jacks or queen jack or sevens and for that reason I would be just checking the majority of my range you know.

Sometimes you have a hand that it’s just too good to check because you have that playable feature maybe a hand like ace king queen ten of Spades you know that’s a good hand to bet maybe it’s a hand like ace Queen Queen ten with backdoor diamonds just too strong to check and that’s good playability.

Our hand here at would check now when you think about the playability issue for being out of position at high SPR that whole idea sort of multiplies itself when you are out of position against multiple players so in this case we’re at position against two players so we need a really strong hand to justify batting here.

And now when it comes to our hand I would be going for a check and the question is just are we going to check race or are we gonna check all and I guess that depends a little bit on who is going to bet because if both players check and the cut off players bats who is very deep 300 big ones to start I would generally not jam.

And the reason is because when we jam and all the money goes in it’s very unlikely that we are tremendously good shape but we are going to make hands fold that we have dominated for example in the big blind shoes.

And we’re also going to have a pretty nice hand to balance out our range let’s imagine we had aces and a gutshot and a backdoor flush draw with the ace of spades we would like to check Hall that hand and then turn our hand into a bluff on spades we can’t do that by cheque raising these hands.

Again if you were a hunter big blind steep if you were a hundred and fifty paper ends deep I would still Jeff Jam because there’s too much value in dominating another hand that is willing to stack off but the deeper you become the more important the more you have to think about how high the threshold for a stack of range is actually going to be.

And how much more important is to build a strategy that is focused on good turn and reverse trap and playability so this hand I think flips really nicely into a check Hall range at the stack size is given if you’re shallower I would actually check raise the hand if you would be a hundred big blind steep.

So the shallowest version so to speak SPR around to would say it becomes much closer between pouting and check raising as a as a trap in fact if the SPR is a little bit lower and the turn playability is basically like the importance of turn playability is almost zero.

If you part a flop it as pure one SP or two then I would be more focused around checking hands that are great traps which means they have playability and if it goes checked through I can still realize my equity in contingency trap on many turn cards so that concept sort of shifts when the SBR becomes smaller.

So the reason on a similar note from another angle the reason I know these things and have these concepts at hand it’s just because I looked into a lot of solutions and then asked myself you know why are we checking a hand like this and what is the threshold of a hand for betting and why could that be the case.

SPR gets bigger over at a position against two opponents oh we’re a play ability isn’t that great it seems like the solver is favor rising playability over equity like those kind of ideas essentially okay I’m gonna get the to your questions in a second guys.

So again check halt is my preferred line here obviously you can still check check race if you think the big point is for example very loose and spicy and likely to get it in for 120 250 big plans with a dominators hand but against reasonable players it’s probably a bad idea.

So what happens is here we bet or relatively medium sizing they play thoughts cut off course in now you can see it’s kind of a tricky situation you build up the part to fifty seven dollars and you have an SPR of I think three on the turn.

Yeah you have an SPR in the turn of around three and that’s really tricky right because if you pot now your opponent zoning on the shelf with hands that you actually are pretty bad shape against like you don’t get the equity in fact if you knew he would stack off now.

Even if you pot and your opponent calls there’s still a lot of rivers where your hand is worth very little right so like if the river is any non spade card essentially you have an absolute Bluff catcher at a low SBR for in a massive pot and that’s kind of the issue with your hand.

So even though the turn is really good the deuce of spades by the time you pot and his jams it’s not great by the time you party calls there are a lot of river spots are very tricky that’s why you want to have a say a 10-9 with the nut flush draw for example rather.

Anyway you go ahead and check now and you can see okay that’s another you know example of why it is so tricky to better hand like this and build a pot now you check and if your opponent is ahead he very likely bets and extracts value when he is behind he very likely checks and Park controls to see like how that lowers your evie and makes his strategy much more effective and efficient than yours.

And it’s just a result of a position you know position has a lot of value and here you can see why you know you check the turn because you don’t run into a better hand for SBR 3 which makes sense but you give your opponent an option a very very profitable option to value a bit better and check backwards huge right.

And you rather give them that option in a smaller pot so you check in your opponent that’s really large almost full pot that’s really where the disaster starts right because now you have like a hand that has buried the equity to continue if you’re behind which is very likely and you don’t even have a lot of rivers you connect with.

Or you don’t have a lot of rivers that you can Bluff with so you decide to call which actually Fink is from a population tendency standpoint it’s Janome just because the way people play i think what happens here is that people paul control a lot on the flop with a hand like Queen Jack Jack Jack maybe Queens sometimes usually not and you decide to call.

River is seven the SPR now is zero point what is the SPR well sixty-six percent of the pot and you check right elect on this river once again if he is if he is ahead he is able to value bet every single time but if he is out of position he is a much trickier spot on making the decision does he want to trap or does he won a shelf out of position.

In position it’s clear if he checks it does make any sense with everybody hands right because the hand is over so he shoves and you call and he ends up having top set of Queens with a flush draw which I would suggest and his shoes is just gonna shove the flop or raise the flop.

But yeah hopefully the concept explain make a lot of sense here for multi spirituality okay so Jacob says equity blockers Mattias says love the way you explain it makes sense Fernando what does your pregame routine look like.

What I like to do before playing is to just have one meditation sitting I use the app primed mind for it and they have like pre-session tapes so to speak that they go usually around 11 minutes the ones that I enjoy the most there are also shorter ones but I like to just like focus in for 11 minutes go outside as well.

I have a balcony where I just you know inhale some fresh air focus for 11 minutes then get into the zone and come out there play essentially you know it’s kind of like a it’s I kind of like feels like entering the arena you know like you’re preparing yourself like a soccer player in the locker room and you’re just like getting into the zone and then you go out there and destroy.

What’s up Diego welcome to the live stream Elia says where can I post hands for Fernando you can post them right here and you already did that’s great now you can just post them right here in the live stream also nice to see you back Elia and welcome to the first live stream that you attend probably.

So that’s awesome alright so we’re gonna jump here into a hand by Ilya can I jump a little closer into it okay so it’s a PLO tournament blinds are 25 k 50 K with an ante actually interesting it’s a pure tournament with an ante oh it’s the anti tournament right the last few a tournament that happened I didn’t play that actually but yeah ok.

So that’s interesting now there’s already 96k in the pot preflop is that correct hmm I wonder like what the structure structure is 25k 50k are the entries 3.8 K okay it’s just with antes so there’s around a hundred K in the middle before the flop yeah okay now it makes sense so one fold Greek lover is that our hero no it isn’t raises 210 K in other gram plus 1 so an MP and he has a million chips.

So that is gonna be 20 big blinds makes it 110 K and then a hero on the button is sitting on ace eight seven six double suited and pot set to 428 history excise is 900 K so 18 big blinds and Greek lover calls flop is – five four three spades so Hiro has only 470 K left and there’s 950 in the middle okay.

Comments are 70 players left already in the money paid jumps are not big should I just fold the flop I think the biggest question in this hand honestly is preflop and the reason that is proof up is because in a lot of PLO tournaments you will see a ton of recreational players or players who are not so good post flop because they mainly play tournaments or they don’t play PLO as often as most of us do.

And for that reason you have to really really have a strong read on the fact that your opponent is folding against a three read two three bet almost any hand that has not a large equity edge.

Now there is another reason why you could be three betting and that is because maybe you have a hand that has a pretty decent equity edge but has such poor playability when flatting that your weather will go for the three bet that could be a hinder eighth King King 9 rainbow.

And it could also be the fact that you are in a position like in the small blind and maybe there is a razor and a call or and you have a hint that by caught that is by calling not really going to take advantage of the main strength of the hand.

For example MPAs button cold called both ranges are relatively loose you have like a jack 1097 double like that hand is not going to do that well when calling because of domination but it’s gonna do absolutely fine.

Going for the squeeze like the e V of the flat is not cannot be very high that’s also why marker is squeezing it in basically any scenario cash games tournaments and so on now let’s think about these concepts in this pot.

You have a eight seven six double you have quite a bit of money behind I mean it’s not massive but you do have 18 big blinds you’re in position and you have a very very playable hand mostly in the south field so I personally wouldn’t trade my post pub edge with a perfectly fine hand that can also the big band over calling range for example.

For the marginal Eevee you’re going to gain by three betting preflop in a cash game where you can rebuy at any times I think this hand makes more money by three betting but here you have to think about the future value of preserving your stack size and the value of therefore minimizing variants.

Which I think applies here and I think preflop flooding is a preferable line we go though for the squeeze for the three bet and I’ll put in calls flop is five four deuce in me flop up wrap no pair no no spade and our punches jams into us should we stack off here.

Hmm so the first thing I think about this board is it’s really hard for our opponent to have a lot of hands that we do well against because the board doesn’t offer a lot of two pairs it doesn’t offer like a common straight draws or straights that our opponent might just jam into us.

Let’s imagine for example the board is Jack ten five with three spades on eject and five port there’s a lot more protection required naturally by hands like Jack ten on five four deuce what hands are looking for protection and maybe like Ace King five four but there aren’t with a lot of hands even if he has a straight.

That hand pretty much has a lock unless you have a flush which you can’t about anyway so I don’t see that many hands on this boards that are betting because they have to pair and you would do well against them or well enough to justify stacking off.

I see more hands here that you do very poor against like a flush who’s trying to trick you and get you to snap off with aces maybe it straight maybe a set usually not a set usually not a straight but there aren’t really a lot of two-player combination so that’s quite scary in this part.

So for those reasons I would probably just go out and fold because I don’t think you have the equity you still have some some nine big blinds left which is probably worth more than you might think which we figured out in my final run of the 10k yelllow.

You can do a lot of things with nine big blinds especially if your opponents make a lot of mistakes pre and post flop so that’s kind of my take on this hand what is squeezing it in I mean squeezing just basically means when you’re three batters is a razor and a collar so like you squeeze those two guys.

So for example cut off raises button calls and you’re in the big blind and your rear ace your three bet that’s called a squeeze you’re squeezing those two guys Jason says hey guys I’m curious to know if you use apps like habit share or habit car to track down routines and set up new habits.

So me personally I don’t I use this are you ready for the magic tool there you go I use an old school pen and a notebook and I just write it down I just find that to be I find that to be that’s connecting to my subconscious and my soul if you want to call this way much better then using an app.

Like an app is still an app or something on a computer screen is still sort of disconnected to me quite a bit right because it’s sort of an other it’s like a it’s it’s a it’s like another entity right like a computer it’s like an own thing and I’m a known thing but I don’t really feel like a pen is their own thing it’s more like a tool.

And in a journal it’s like not like a computer it’s more like a it’s like a book that I use it’s like my book so usually when I write out things it’s kind of – you’re theatre Petach fear of panic yeah and it just sticks better with me you know just like writing it down old-school by hand and you can do that anywhere.

Like you can go on the balcony you can go outside you can go into the Sun and you can write down your goals reflect on the day without using electronics and I think that’s very very healthy from app psychological standpoint.

DSS I have seen a lot of folding to three-button in this tournament yeah I think if that is the case I think it does make sense I don’t love it with 18 big blinds I love it more with like 11 big blinds or so because 18 bit but it’s still a pretty strong stack size just throwing that in.

But yeah it’s good that you observed it there is a lot of folding and that there is value in doing it I would probably then rather do it with like a rundown double suited and flat this hand because of the massive amount of playability and the fact that you are on the button.

We have another hand from the same tournament let’s have a look here so this is earlier lines are 15 and 30 K stick stick in the middle preflop so here we have here in the big time of Queen Jack ten nine and we have the MP player raising it up to 75 K so that’s 2.5 X here at the fence the big blind heads up to the flop very standard.

And the flop is Queen 10-5 we have top hair backdoor flush draw one club our opponent has 408 K to begin with so he starts the end with 330 so yeah okay so our our hero decides to hard into our opponent at an SBR of less than two yeah pretty much less than two yeah.

180 360 330 yeah a lot less than two parts into our opponent in order to try to make him fold some equity on 10-5 dues so I don’t like this move and here’s a reason I don’t think your opponent is going to fold any better hand over significant equity so if you if you understand that that portion of his range is not going to fall.

Which i think is absolutely the case given the SPR and the nature of the board which is very disconnected if we would agree on that and say our opponent is not gonna fold a better hand maybe it’s gonna fold a better hand 10 to 15 percent at a time if he has the absolute worst side cards but generally speaking I don’t think opponents are folding better hands in this spot ever.

Not ever I’m gonna say 85% of the time so when that is true let’s say that’s true the effectiveness of this play really shrinks down and the reason is if you check you let your opponent first of all Bluff with hands that are behind you secondary if your opponent bets small you can just call and play turns or Jake jammies in this week and generate fold equity and generate additional money.

But if your opponent checks behind you have a lot of information he has almost non information and you can utilize that information to win the pot on turns with your equity is pretty low so let’s say your opponent is not such a experienced player and yes I had the kings or aces or Queens something like that raised 10 and on the flop he decides to check behind.

To part control or see what happens and the turn is a three or attorneys of four attorneys is six or the turn is a seven right or a club now in those cards your equity is pretty low against aces but what is your opponent really gonna do if you bet like a significant portion of his stack.

He’s just gonna fold and you take away that opportunity for yourself by leading into your opponent while at the same time not making a lot of better hands fold so you’re minimizing your evie for something maybe you maybe you minimize it in your mind for protection.

I think that’s highly overvalued when you think about your hand like you have the queen the jack to just completely destroy him if you ask over cards and you can counter and I mean you can hit two-parent hit stop pair.

But again a better hand isn’t folding and there isn’t much equity required a protection required against their opponents ranges his strong hands are anyway gonna shove even against your path sighs dog so checking in order to open up your options for more profitable ways to win the hand or other ways to win the hand and having the best hand.

Jason said thanks for answering Alex’s hey Fernando what do you refer to mental game away from the tables example keep on working hard when running good etc what do you refer to mental game away from the tables I mean for me mental game away from the table is for the most part it is it has to do with clarity structure workout and meditation.

I like to think about it this way and obviously when I reference certain certain models like thinking models mindset models I think those are all months I learned somewhere else right just to make that clear.

It’s not like I’m inventing these things but I learned them and found them useful in my life so the concept of trying to pitch here is it’s it’s based on the quote the way you do one thing is the way you do everything or the way you do one thing most of the time is the way you do most things most at a time.

Then you can also expand that quote an idea to the way you think about one thing is the way you think about most things the way you do one thing is the way to do most things the way you believe in yourself in one area is the way you believe in yourself.

And most areas the way you prepare yourself one that reads the way you prepare of mouth area the way you think about one idea or one spot in your life is the way you think about most parts in your life ok it’s all connected.

So instead of thinking about the activity itself for example saying all right we have meditation we have the gym right then we have session review we have playing poker what else could we have maybe we have relationships then we have health X live diet and such things.

Instead of thinking these and instead of thinking about these boxes as individual elements I would try to connect them right like they are all connected with each other and well I could be connecting now I’m a lost track of the connections but at the point that they are all interconnected okay.

And this web that comes out here in the middle I would fill that web up with certain values that you have right so the single it’s draw the web in the middle right so one of the boxes of the web could be preparation another one could be focus another one structure another one clarity right.

So that you connect these values and based on these values you behave in every other’s box is the same way so how do you treat your poker courier is very much connected with how you treat your diet it’s connected to how you did treat your girlfriend it is connected to how you treat your social life it’s connected to how you treat your sleeping patterns it’s all connected.

There’s there’s no person out there that is very clear-headed focused and disciplined in the gym and it’s a complete mess in the rest of his life think about the way your office is structured the cleanliness you have if you have a messy office you have a messy head if you have a messy head to have a messy business if you have a messy business you have messy results right.

So think about these values a ton and then when you do something in your life then think about whether or not what you do is congruent with the values for so you say I want to go to the gym alright is structure something you value a lot yes okay so is your gym routine structured do we have a plan do you have a schedule do you have a rating by reflecting on it.

Are you improving on it right it’s improvement a value you have well if that’s true then think about your diet improvement is important okay so you needn’t prove it clarity is important okay so you need to make a list of what you’re gonna buy structure is important you’re gonna structure when you’re gonna eat.

So again the way you do one thing is the way you do most things the way you think about one thing is the way you think about most things they’re all connected with each other and that’s why when you go to someone to someone’s home that you don’t know that well you should really I mean without could be him out but you should really look around and see that how clean is it in here.

You know you should think about is this guy aware of what time it is is this guy aware of what day of the week it is is this time is this guy aware of his diet is the aware of when he has worked at the last time is he aware of his sleeping patterns right because it would tell you a whole lot more about all other areas in his life and that’s the way I would treat your own web.

Again these are just superficial boxes here at the top the important thing is the web because the web holds it all together and if you are looking at one area individually and you’re trying to build it up right.

Whatever it is relationships or poker and you don’t have these really strong trained values in your life for example structure because you learned it and developed it in another area of your life and all other areas of your life then you’re gonna lack it tremendously in poker and the way you’re trying to compensate for it is by thinking a lot about how can I structure my poker life better.

How can I structure my improvement better in poker how can I do this right you’re trying to like draw this week or you’re trying to draw this weak line here and try to build something on top of it right but it’s only the X and it doesn’t work because you can’t build it up just by itself you have to like connect it to all the other facets in your life and build the web.

So don’t spend too much time thinking about for example preparation in a very do this through that type of fashion think of preparation or your poker game or performance in general as this is the way I am and tweet things in general and that’s why I do my preparation this way values the web think about these things.

And it’s also here how’s it going alia says if I had top hair and flush draw would you be eating them good which hand do you need to lead at SPR – honestly I would lead almost no hand in this part like top parent foster I would think is a huge value waster because you avoid that your opponent is gonna Bluff into you on the flop or the turn of the river.

And you really want them to if you have topper and a flush draw on this board on 10 5 – you really want him to just stick it in as light as possible which is achieved by checking you know like leading into your opponent is important in different situations.

So let’s say so let’s say in this body as purse – and your opponent has a tight range because he opened under the gun or an MP and he parts into you you very likely don’t have the equity and if you consider future value you should definitely fold by parting into him yourself you’re gonna get rid of that that knowledge and you will have to stack over the hand.

That is not that great now if you had a hand that is actually really good and cannot fold against like it’s good cannot fold against apart size bed and benefits from the fold but you will have to stack off when he parts into you that’s a hand that would lead so in this case it could be something like ace 3 ace 4 of clubs.

So did enough flush draw without show done value that’s a hint that would part because I benefit from the fold they might not be that many good turns if I had a hand like ace let’s say that I had like ace 4 like ace 4 7 5 with clubs parting makes sense because you will have to get the money in anyway but you benefit from the fold and you don’t have to do a display below two boards terms.

That’s a hand that would make sense because you cannot fold but this hand is and I think you should actually fold if you part into you especially in a tournament mm-hmm and says Gary Keller haven’t read Gary Keller for a long time now but it does he talked about the web of values as well I’m not sure.

Alec says this also makes your game more individual and opens a lot of room for creativity about how you approach things in life all right yeah I’m doing fine as well I mean at a rough day today the tables but that’s you know that’s what would happen sometimes we’re going to hear one more hand from Ilya before wrapping it up guys.

If you have any questions of course feel free to shoot them out happy to answer and dive into those can you guys read it I’m not sure I tried to zoom in but it doesn’t doesn’t let me weird okay so let me just try to make it bigger somehow I can’t okay we’re gonna leave it like this.

Okay so you’re playing cash gamer 139 people and zipping the big blinds button races 3x we call of King nine ten six signals through to the ten seems fine it’s probably dependent on your opponent and I’m saying this mainly because if this is played in an environment where you pay a lot of rake it would be careful over defending bleep lines just because the rake is just gonna eat you up and that’s really important.

Especially for India because you are playing a lot of heads-up or have been playing a lot of heads-up and it’s common for heads-up players to defend their blinds too much and then have a very negative big blind win right because you don’t think you don’t think as critically about the rake in six max.

Just keep that in mind anyway the flop is eight ten seven and we flop middle pair and a we cut shot in a king of clubs flush blocker button bets and we decided to check race I don’t like it button calls this is also like an example in my opinion of of a hint that maybe a heads-up player would check race if your opponent has a tremendously wide see betting range which he shouldn’t have on this board.

You should have like a 50% co-ed range on a stand seven heads up but in six bags the ranges are much better structured and much stronger so even though the button opens you know the button in six packs has a 50% range and in heads up could be like 85% in most cases.

So there’s a massive difference there and also a heads-up peel a lot of people over value a sideboards incinerate spots and just see bit too much in your case I would be very hesitant check-raise in this hand because the reality is you don’t have a valuable blocker.

Like it seems almost like you have a valuable block we have a 10 and a king of clubs but if you really think about the valuable blockers in this case against a polarized see betting range you don’t have an ace you don’t have an ace of clubs that’s kind of it I mean yeah the only other combination of check races I would probably take on is if you had like a lot of equity and you block like a nays maybe.

They said nein maybe something like that would like a king of clubs but also unnecessary I mean this hand I think it’s just I taking it too far as you have a strong lead in your opponent so and also he bets really large like he bets five big plans into 640 I definitely think that this is going to be losing check-raise and that’s like why you should be extra careful not defending too many paper lines.

So you check raise to 66 and about the calls and the turn is a jack how a new part oh it’s gonna be expensive man it’s gonna be an expensive adventure in in six packs PLO so you powered opponent calls rivers another jack and you Jam now for 81 big blinds yeah honestly it seems pretty spewing like you don’t block eight nine you don’t block King Queen that well you don’t block is Jack make you have on the flop.

You have poor blockers but like on the turn and River it’s kind of the same story just like the turn bet like on the turn you are risking a ton of chips with a very marginal hand in tooth in two ways blockers and equity like that combination is very marginal here and yeah okay.

Then Kevin I’ve just posted a hand about P Labonte comps also will there be some content on P low bounty soon that’s a good question man I haven’t dabbled myself a lot into pilla bounties because I didn’t do much research yet I’m gonna get tomorrow’s question in a second I just want to find the hand that I come in has been posting and so where did you post a hand let’s see.

All here okay so Kevin says hey I’m looking to get better at pillow bounty cops especially PartyPoker structure is this a spot to go all in pre bounties are one starting bounty but like how much is it starting about it like half byun also does one starting bounty equal 1 starting stacks of chips or one starting given the bounty it goes to your head and you can only win half the bounty.

I can I could dig into this but honestly I don’t want to make a mistake and give you wrong advice and I’m not 100% on it definitely you are true eating that you can compare the bounty to amount and amount of chips and then I buy in.

But I was that changes throughout the tournament and when your staff becomes more more valuable I would expect that there is quite a bit of a gambling going on in bounty tournaments because you can’t get it in really light and I will probably connect that to situations where you can still reenter the tournament but even if not it’s gonna be fine.

So in this case we have an O we have an open and a jam and you regen with Jack wow if Jack ate six deuce Tripp will suit it I really don’t like it just because there is already an open razor and you have still to other players behind in your hand it’s just so poor against these other ranges if they stack off which is gonna hurt you a lot.

So to begin with I would probably choose a better hand I’m not saying you have to have a massive hand but this is like really really bad like this hand is really really bad at what I’m saying so I don’t want to Dowell too much into it because I’m not 100% sure on it not even close to 100%.

But in – Dudley this feels too wide especially because there are other players involved I can easily go in and I would really harm you and your hand is really bad and so Mars question is how is the best way or what is the best way to train Fink Morton ranges think about that.

So so my guess is that you are not working on bonkers alright let me know joe says congrats on your seven place you were fighting great with your small stack thank you very much that’s referencing the 10k PLL scoop.

So if you don’t work with mark or solver I mean the way it helped me the most will help me the most Lincoln ranges is really just looking at these strength buckets and thinking more about these hands like these hands work this way let me explain so I’m just gonna explain base in a spot right like the way I think about and range is easier.

Ranking video about this very soon but I’m just gonna talk very briefly about it so three bad part is I poured in position ace nine six at the in position player bets almost as entire range mainly for half pot so goes for off pot gets called right okay turn card turn card is the five hearts and now the in position player is going to double barrel on this card for half pot one again once again 43% at a time.

And when he gets jammed he’s gonna fold 30% so there are some Bluffs in there right now I’m thinking of what are these Bluffs in the turn like how can i think in ranges about these Bluffs doesn’t mean not as an individual hand so what I would do is I would go into excel and then figure out for turn strategy.

This is a turn strategy how in position player strategy works based on strength puppets so instead of think about individual hands I think about ranges right so I say for example here on the very right hand side a hint that it’s less than top hair has no flush draw that’s the top and a flush draw is a range right.

It’s a sub range and it’s going to check 38 percent of the time behind on the turn and then betting half pot almost the rest of the time so that range or sub range is going to be utilized to bluff a lot so what I’m thinking is I’m gonna use the syntax which is illustrated further.

So this is the syntax of these hands again less than top here no flush draw so there that they don’t have top pair up and they have no flush draw so an absolute airport in a day so these hands are double-barreling 50% ish on the turn and they’re folding versus Jam obviously because they are air.

So what I’m thinking when I think about in ranges is what are my Bluffs in this part right what are my Bluffs a general question in general what about bluffs and then also how do these bluff work in terms of functionality so my Bluffs here in the turn our hands that have some equity in form of a gutshot at the same time they’re usually blocking a straight.

King King eight eight is blocking a straight in King King nine seven is holding a straight draw and blocking a straight right so King King nine seven as you can see here is a bet almost every single time to turn us a double barrel now how does that hand work in reality right.

We’re betting this hand especially if we have no King of Spades you can see that right over here and I guess the reason for that is because we are trying to triple barrel if the river isn’t blank and hope our opponent had spades and if we do have the King of Spades over here then we’re gonna check back because it is less likely our point had a flush draw has a flush draw and also if it goes check check.

On a turn we can Bluff spade rivers which we can if we could check jam in the turn so what I’m thinking what I think about in ranges is I think of how do different sub ranges play what is their functionality what is their goal how can i play King King with a straight draw block or the most effective way if I have a future flush block.

Or I’m not gonna bet if I don’t I’m going to bed especially with equity and that’s the functionality of that sub range and then I think about okay if I have a hand that is better than this set or equal to a set a set or better and with no flush draw on the turn you can see that twenty percent of the time we’re gonna check back and me we’re gonna bet half part one once again.

So I think about this sub range in how the sub range is going to work on different run outs so instead of thinking about individual hands I think more about sub-ranges that I can have that’s a really good way to start thinking about ranges attaching strategies to sub-ranges instead of your individual hands.

And also in PLO especially should think about a spot in a way of saying oh like here I’m going to like that 80% of my range it’s like yeah but what types of hands are you betting in when are you not padding subranges again right.

So that’s the first step moved from thinking too much about individual hands to subranges instead of saying I have top set and no flush draw think about what would I do with top sets and no flush draws what would I do if I had top set in the flush draw what would I do if I have taught them in a straight draw what would I do if add these in these hands right and then come up with the solutions.

It’s always easier of course if you do have marker mario says if the best ways to work with marker software then I will just get it I mean as you can see I’m getting all my insights from Microsoft and yeah I think the bigger the trickiest part of that bunker solver is twofold.

The trickiest part is running Sims right that’s why we have the that’s what we did that in for you guys basically that’s why we have a sim pack here you can find that in the Jane and spot dashboard by pielo Sims and here we have for $299 we have like five or six thousand different Sims already pre ran that you can use.

And somebody Sims take hours to run and we spend a ton of money running these Sims for you in advance so that you can only use marker solver like I’m doing it right here like you use marker solver open it up in your own computer and then you use these sims that you already they’re already ran yeah.

Men can jump around to different sims and open up the solutions and jump into them that is the most straightforward and fastest way to improve it a game that’s it so helps the time to think much more in ranges helps a tongue to look at the game from a much more precise and accurate standpoint.

And if I I mean I already did that but if I haven’t started working with solvers my tip would be but what I would be doing is just like dive into solvers and work as intelligently and professional as I can and accurate with the solve results really trying to understand why solver doing this when is it theorizing that and you can she said it so easily right.

Because you get precise answers there’s no guesswork to be done just have to dive into it and you also need like sixteen give a ram at minimum no that’s not true you could even use a tikka bite of Rams if you don’t want to use the preflop stems.

Like the post flop stems they you can open them on a tee go by the RAM the big bay preflop stem you need like sixteen gigabyte of RAM of a pretty good processor that’s correct but in general you don’t need a lot of RAM to open post flop Sims and make preflop you can use the proof of trainer to get all the previous solutions.

But for post flop you need only like eight gigabyte of RAM it’s that their tech those solutions are not nearly as big as the previous M’s okay so here’s a Collier he says I think he goes back about this part here so do I not have good blockers with a king or a king queen and a nine to nine eight on isn’t even ah it’s about your end to part to turn.

Which other hand is better to barrel turn while I Hendrick is king king or a scream queen is better the plot to turn for example maybe a hand like ace nine nine eight eight eight but the future hype club is better also on the river isn’t having a ten to blog Jack ten good for a bluff which hands which you Bluff turn river with that line.

I mean the river is really bad for like triple barreling like I wouldn’t rip a barrel very much there for value or for Bluffs I think about it you check where is the flop the turn brings in one of the major straights you do part representing clearly to straight and the river pairs like your range and the river is gonna play very very Czech heavy.

So I wouldn’t focus too much in like what am I blossom the river in a situation where your range is quote unquote because you’re representing a straight and repairs you know so focus should be much more on the turn and in the turn if you wanna have very strong equity or and blockers mostly the combination of it.

And you had neither essentially like you want to have king queen blocked eight nine very strongly blocked with future blockers like that you can utilize her to triple Burrell alone Alex has great point I left my girlfriend and planned to marry moniker well it’s for your game at least it’s probably best thing you can do.

Alright last question for today Alexi says personally I’ve always felt there’s maybe one to four things you can focus to do very well let’s say poker exercise died interesting if I try to do everything I just end up getting done nothing a lot of things you don’t have time to really have perfectly in the needs of amount of time to relax as well.

So for example my house is always messy unless I hire someone to clean it yeah so doing everything with the same values in mind doesn’t mean you’re doing a lot of things or too many things right it is just saying that the things that you do which is which I haven’t quantitatively measured I haven’t said like you know you actually do ten things.

I’m saying is like the things you generally do I’m also not saying you have to do it very well right not saying you have to I’m not saying that you have to be a that you have to follow an exercise like an athlete and you have to fold a diet like a bodybuilder and you have to follow a poker improvement routine like a professional high stakes player.

That’s not all what I’m saying what I’m saying is what really pays off is to have structure to have clarity and to have focus so when you are thinking about your diet just be focused it doesn’t mean that you have to be a hundred out of hundred points when it comes to the excellence but the value still holds true and it also doesn’t mean you want to do a million things at once.

That’s almost as you say always gonna lead to words overwhelming situations and fog in your mind and to low achievement so I’m not saying you have to become the best that everything at all I’m just saying use the same values and build them up in different areas of your life.

Okay I think that’s it for today if anyone has another question now is your time I’m gonna ask one more time in a couple seconds but you can use the chat now to throw in your question if there is anything left definitely enjoy today’s stream.

Also I think we had some interesting topics to cover that sort of spontaneously arise which I appreciate means you guys are active and interested and that makes my job much easier okay one more time anyone else having any questions left to be answered to feel free to speak now or again on Saturday at 9 p.m.

Ilia okay last hand Elia I can’t go through a million hands from you in this streamer but no one else has asked any han questions so we can do it today so one more hand here here is in the big blind he has aces or aces Queen deuce with they’re not diamonds.

Under the gun raises button calls hero calls this hint is too strong to do that status under gonna 246 big blinds and the button is 130 yeah you definitely want to squeeze it’s just too strong you’re gonna perform – well – not justify squeezing this hand preflop so go for the squeeze with easiest Queen deuce nut suit – Vasudha.

I mean it’s way too strong anyway you go over to call flop is 10 9 for rainbow check bet like 75% of the pot maybe 80% button folds you call I would say that’s the first mistake you probably want to fold like the under the gun range is very well connected and that just completely has – crushed on this board especially if you bet if he bets into two players.

Now turn is a great card for Spades you check under the grid’s half pot you call I completely agree river is a another great card at 3 under gun checks and he bets 44 Oh pretty nasty because it takes a lot of creativity to bluff in this pot many many hands in under the guns range have pretty solid sure invalid kings queens like king king queen jack queen queen jack like even 10 9 isn’t too bad.

And I’m sure I’m value so there aren’t many hands that are just like ace high king high that really want a bluff at this point on the other side you don’t have a high Spade that’s really big so you decided to fold yeah you don’t block the boats 10/10 99 and it’s really large.

Honestly I think it’s a fine fold because it requires so much creativity to turn certain hands into bluff at this point like he basically has to turn some 10x into a bluff to justify making this hero called I don’t really see that too much it is definitely a tight fold but I think this is probably the moment to make it.

So I do I do think this is a profit it’s the better way to play the hand and call in the Riverways away all right Oscar says are we going to Las Vegas this year any peeler tournaments I’m gonna go to Vegas in around a week for a week so not for two too long I’m gonna play some cash in tournaments but I’m also attending a mastermind over there from Elliot Roe.

So at a draw as a mastermind in person other people that are in poker in business and I’m intending that for two days and for that reason I’m flying over to Vegas because that’s where the event takes place and because I’m already in Vegas I’m going to stay there for a week.

We also bought Queen Jack yeah we also block Queen Jack somewhat without one Queen yeah all right I’m going to tune out thank you very much tuning in guys today for another live stream Fernando for the PLO mastermind we are gonna see a more pure blueprint content.

We’re gonna see more five core content as well which I just started playing and thoughts other stuff to follow of course so hope to see you back on Saturday at 9 p.m. and until then all the best at the tables Fernando over and out.

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