How to Play Multiway Pots in Pot Limit Omaha


Welcome to this new poker hand breakdown! Playing against multiple players postflop is very common in PLO. In this video, I break down the Preflop Aggressor strategy and thought process when he’s out of position on the flop.
Hope you enjoyed!
Fernando Habegger and the JNandez Poker team.


In our last hand of today’s video I pick up ace Jack ten-four with a nut suit an MP and open raise we’re gonna get into a multi-way part here once again in our position one button Co cause he has a slightly wide arranged in GTO and big blind plays very tight probably two type of 20% beep head and we’re facing a flop of a six deuce within a flush draw backed or straight draw.

And here was a little bit uncertain what to do if I bet and get raised I will probably have to fold getting priced out and also given the fact that the hands that are gonna race or Rolly gonna be diamond draws but more often sets and two pairs with straight draws so I decided to be more cautious in check.

Here I’m going to jump into marker in a second to see if that was a good decision and also what the logic is behind it if the button were to stab I would just check all turn is the nine of clubs we now turn it open-ended straight draw on this card I felt like our fold equity is very low at the same time we don’t have such a strong hand.

No showdown value and basically draw benefits from seeing rivers and then rivering the nut flush I decided to bet on the larger end I think this is too large just given the fact that we were three-way and the board is paired and also just given the fact that I don’t block any of the boats both players end up folding.

And when I jump into ISM so the flop from our flop library is precisely 8 6 2 s two-toned that’s great the big blind is going to check to us and we can see our betting frequency is only 19.2% not a big surprise we not only have to play turns and rivers out of position against the button but also the big bank can still check raise us.

At the same time the board doesn’t nail our proof up range that well that being said holding aids jack 10-4 with the nut flush draw we’re holding a highest frequency bet and there’s actually a hand that when it bets and gets part size raised we are going to fold as I mentioned we’re gonna be priced out here and our opponents range will be very made hand heavy and we just don’t get the prize to draw.

So what triggers this hint he batted then fold and give up on its equity and in order to figure this out what I generally do is I just play around with similar hands to understand what the difference would be so in this case notice that the four is quite invaluable and the 10 is also not that great so those are not only cards that are not so strong.

Once we hit in a check through part but also there are blocking our opponents raising and calling hands so if you compare this with a hand for example like ace king queen Jack where we have four over cards we don’t block a straight cross at all and we look at the Spade combinations.

Now we can see that the majority of hands which is going to check we have more valuable over cards but also we are not blocking the raising ranges or calling ranges of our opponents only the super blockers with the many many spades your force base or three spades are going to bet because the free card is less valuable to us and those hands are also going to bet fold of course.

Now if you look at other hands that are now blocking the straight draws like ace Jack ten two spades and we attach three to it then we’re betting forty-nine percent for two it’s 47 five to it ninety four six to it thirty five a seven to it 27 that is seven I guess is quite low because we do have a gut shot to the nuts and we benefit more so from for seeing a free card.

Unusual not only because we have a draw to the nuts but also because our MP range is not covering in nine that well but in this case we do have the nuts on a nine and it’s nice to hit that every once in a while so checking this hand in order to not check raise unless we have the back of rust row as well but we’re just gonna check.

Hall to have better coverage but what matters a lot here is whether we are blocking the straight draws or not how many valuable over cards we have and also if we block up here so holding for example is six here is going to be a check because we are already holding more showdown value hitting two pair and a 10 or a Jack’s.

And now the over cards become more valuable as well as a six I mean holding an eight we’re going to bet more often because which is blocking eight six which is going to be the majority the check raising candidates once we do have the nut flush draw ourselves so it’s interesting to see those small differences in our side car and how the influence are better than decisions in this part tremendously.

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