Finally got to play a long session on Run It Once Poker, and it was pretty fun 8 hours! The site has a lot of features I really enjoy like the splash pots (which add extra cash money to pots), no HUDs and anonymous 100bb+ tables. Most of all, you can say YOLO! at the tables before shoving your stack in Phil Galfond and his team were also generous enough to put up €50 cash giveaways for new depositors and I threw in a 1-on-1 coaching hour into the mix. Was happy to see some PLO Mastermind members joining the site and giving me some action at the €200 PLO tables. For the last few weeks I’ve been planning on renting an office in Germany so I would be able to play something other than Poker Stars. Finally it all came to fruition and I can now play at both Run It Once Poker and Party Poker – I will continue the 100k challenge on these sites once I put in some hours only at Run It Once Poker to move up in the StreamR levels and increase my rakeback! Check out Run It Once Poker on https://runitonce.eu
Hope you enjoyed!
Fernando Habegger and the JNandez Poker team.


Transcript coming…

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