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Play on our affiliated sites and earn both rakeback and rewards that can be redeemed into JNandez Poker products.

We work with long-standing affiliate partners that have been securely and professionally facilitating their game offers in our community. Affiliated sites are PPPoker, Upoker, Goldpokerpro, PokerSharks & Kingsclubpkr.

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Access some of the best PLO and 5-card PLO games in the market. Sites or clubs may be limited in capacity.

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Play from anywhere at anytime. Join multiple clubs to cover different peak time zones.

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Our JNandez Poker customer success team, concierge and affiliates will do as much as they can to provide you with any support or help you need.

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Earn monthly cashback directly to your account and earn exclusive rewards like coaching or access to our upcoming PLO software.


Earning Rakeback

Rakeback is paid out on a weekly basis, directly deposited into member’s accounts. How much cashback you earn is based on your rake amount per week.

Rake per week Cashback
<$500 20%
$500-$1000 25%
Over $1000 30%
Earning JNP Credits

Credits earned are based on the amount you rake, your cashback percentage and per club location.
In general:

If you rake $200/week (20% cashback) you will earn 15 credits that week or 60 per month.

If you rake $800/week (25% cashback) you will earn 50 credits per week or 200 credits per month.

Do you rake $1400/week (30% cashback) you will earn 70 credits in a week or 280 credits in a month.


Cashback will be paid out and notified automatically on a weekly basis directly into member’s accounts.

Players will be updated on the status of their JNP credit amount on a weekly basis by their concierge.

To redeem JNP credits, players will communicate with their concierge for redeeming options and confirm an offer with him


Rewards can be subject to change or availability.

PLO Mastermind

1-month access
100 Credits

PLO Mastermind

6-month access
500 Credits

1-on-1 Coaching

90 min session with JNandez
1000 Credits

JNandez Poker Merch

JNP T-shirt and Hoodie
75 Credits

Access to Software

Access to upcoming JNP PLO Software
Coming soon


PP Poker

American PP Poker Clubs

  • Cash Games: PLO, NLHE, Short-deck and 5-Card PLO
  • Currency:
    Fishpot: 1 chip = 1 USD
    Off-White: 1 chip = 1 Euro = $1.12
  • Cash out fees: up to 5%, dependent on method
Club Name Club ID Stakes (in USD)
Fishpot 614009 PLO 20-2000, NLHE 20-600
Hypebeast 1001000 PLO 73-730, NLHE 44-1460

Asian PP Poker Clubs

  • Cash Games: PLO, NLHE, 5-Card PLO and OFC
  • Currency:
    HugoAsia: 1 chip = 10 Thai Baht = $0.33
    Cincinnati Kid: 1 chip = 9.25 Indian Rupee = $0.13
  • Cash out fees: up to 5%, dependent on method
Club Name Club ID Stakes (in USD)
HugoAsia 764854 PLO 65-1650, NLHE 65-200
Cincinnati Kid 631953 PLO 13-130, NLHE 8-260

European PP Poker Club

  • Cash Games: PLO, NLHE, 5-Card PLO, 6+ Hold'em and OFC
  • Currency: 1 chip = 1 Euro = $1.12
  • Cash out fee: 5%.
Club Name Club ID Stakes
Goldfish 600063 PLO €20-€600, NLHE €20-€400

Indian PP Poker Club

  • Cash Games: majority 5-Card PLO (incl. heads-up), PLO, little NLHE and OFC
  • Currency: 1 chip = 4 Indian Rupee = $0.056
  • Cash out fee: 5%.
Club Name Club ID Stakes (in USD)
Check-Raise 351453 PLO 56-560, NLHE 56-112


  • Cash Games: PLO, NLHE, Heads-Up (320 up to 1600 stakes), 5-card PLO, 6+ Hold'em and OFC
  • Currency: 1 chip = 10 Thai Baht = $0.33
  • Cash out fee: 5%.
Club Name Club ID Stakes (in USD)
Afterdark 13891 PLO & NLHE 40-5000


  • Cash Games: PLO, NLHE
  • Currency: 1 chip = 1 Israelian Shekel = $0.28
  • Cash out fees: up to 5%, dependent on method
Club Name Stakes (in USD) Special
Goldpokerpro PLO & NLHE 56-2800 Peak Hours: 5pm - 2am CET


  • Cash Games: High variety of games, including Double Board Omaha, 5-Card Omaha H/L (Big-O), 5-card PLO, Big-Bet Mix, OFC, 2-7 Triple Draw
  • Currency: 1 chip = 1 USD
  • Cash out fees: up to 5%, dependent on method
Club Name Stakes (in USD) Special
Kingsclub Pkr PLO & NLHE 20-2000 Peak Hours: US Eastern nightly.


  • Cash Games: PLO, NLHE, Heads-Up (100 up to 1000 stakes)
  • Currency: 1 chip = 1 USD
  • Cash out fees: up to 5%, dependent on method
Club Name Stakes (in USD) Special
PokerSharks PLO & NLHE 50-3000 Peak Hours: 8pm - 1am CET


Get in touch with us if you’d like a test account for any site offer. Specific clubs or sites are of limited capacity or may temporarily be opened/closed for new members.


Most frequent questions and answers
PPPoker is an Asian app-based play money site where anyone can create a poker club. At some PPPoker clubs, players play for real money. There is a network of club owners, agents and affiliates to help facilitate play and recruit players.
You can download the app at:

You deposit to our trusted agent partners who hold your money. They guarantee your funds. When the money is received, our agents will credit your account with the equivalent of the money deposited in chips. Then you’re good to go!

Deposit options are Skrill, Zelle, Google Pay, Venmo, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cash App, Apple Pay, Square Cash and Ecopayz.

To withdraw, simply request a deposit from your concierge. He will facilitate your desired amount and payment method and pay you out. Cashout fees range from 0% to 5% dependent on the payment method.
At some clubs the cashout fee is 5% due to currency conversion.

You can request to deposit or withdraw in the group chat that is set up with you, the concierge, and the agents.
Deposits and withdrawals are done within the same day in 95% of the cases, most in a few hours. Large cash-out can take slightly longer. We will communicate in a clear way where we are in the withdraw process at all times.

There are NO country restrictions. Anyone can play at PPPoker or Kings Club Poker. It’s a great opportunity for players in the US, Australia or Asian countries. Play from there or against these players from anywhere, anytime!

You can also play in the poker app while traveling. There are no location restrictions.

The No Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha stakes offered run from blinds $0.10/$0.20 up to $10/$20 stakes.

Rake structures differ per club. For more information ask concierge.

Yes! Check the website and click “download it from Windows”. You can play up to 3 accounts and therefore up to 3 tables, via your PC.
Yes! You can download the PPPoker app on both Android and iOS.

Yes! You will need a PP Poker converter that loads the hands into your HM2/PT4 at a cost of $48 a month to run a HUD and being able to analyze your own played hands in your favorite database.

A 3-day free trial is offered and you can download it here: HM2/PT4 Converter

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