$10,000 SCOOP PLO Mastermind Tournament Strategy


A couple of weeks ago I played the $10,000 SCOOP PLO Main Event and decided to bring you a review of the tournament.

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Hope you enjoyed!
Fernando Habegger and the JNandez Poker team.


Welcome back guys to another episode of the tournament strategy course in today’s video I’m going to review my deep run in the 10k PLO main event of the scoop series that took place a couple of weeks ago and I’m going to talk about the hands that turned around the most chips so the biggest spots where I want to lost a significant amount of my stack size.

To give a little bit of context I played some satellites ahead of this tournament on the given Sunday and I ended up winning two tickets I think it actually two to three satellites that was a great success one of them was a 500 dollar satellite another one a 1k satellite and I was willing to basically fire both tickets.

Maybe one additional 10k bullet into this tournament in case I think the field is soft enough or and my stack size is still going to be significant when I reinter the tournament so without further ado I’d say let’s get into the action.

I had no real expectations of how soft the field will be or could be but I was definitely under expecting how many tournament regulars would enter the field that would necessarily play as much PLO anyhow here’s the first hand I converted my stack size into big blinds because I think for convenience purposes it’s much easier to understand how do you BR in any given spot.

We’re starting it off here I think this is the first or second hand in the tournament and we have 165 big blinds I opened 2.5 X because I want to keep the SBR large for post-op situations where I can have larger edges than preflop.

Now if you’re playing a tournament that is much faster in its structure I think it makes more sense to kind of play a little bit of a bigger open race sizing at these kind of stack sizes in order to build up a big stack because when the blinds increase very quickly there is a massive advantage to being a big stack on the ICM heavy situations on the bubble and then also even after the bubble lock on the final table.

In this tournament though it’s like a multi-day tournament two-day tournament it’s very slow a lot of time in order to get into some profitable personal situations is there’s no need for me it’s really increase the variance in order to increase the stack size and that was the main reason I was opening smaller again in a 530 on a Sunday that goes much faster in terms of structure I would Pot as open here and trying to run up a stack so to speak.

Small blind goes ahead and three beds to 8.5 big blinds which is pot and we have an easy call now I didn’t know too much about the small blinds I think I have any impression of this screen name is that this is a No Limit Hold’em tournament regular it’s playing some high stakes MTTs but I didn’t know that much more.

Flop is nine seven three two tones and we flop top two pair inside straight or the nuts as well as the Jack of Hearts which is going to reduce the strongest combo draws my opponent is going to have so obviously a great flop and one thing to notice is that the SBR is very large and that is because I open smaller and because we are 165 big blinds deep so my opponent goes setting bets here for nine big blinds.

And I have two options I can call or race I decided to go ahead and race and there are two reasons for that first one is that I think that some players might overestimate like how strong their hand actually is in a board like 973 especially when players play No Limit Hold’em.

It is possible that you look at a hand like you know pocket aces with a gutshot and a backdoor flush draw and assume that your hand is extremely strong or maybe even a hand like an overpair an open-ended straight draw and I was doing really well against those hands.

That’s one of the reasons and other reason though is that my play builder down the road is not that great my opponent is going to have or should have at least a lot of aces and kings in his pre-filtering and they will come along with the ace of hearts or King of Hearts quite frequently.

And if heart rolls off in the turn he’s gonna be able to apply a lot of pressure keeping stack sizes and just given the hand that I have which is a reasonable off catcher given that I have one heart at the same time it’s going to be a tough situation nevertheless and then there are also some other factors.

Like universe attorneys at Ace or a king or queen I’m not doing that great either and I just allow my opponents to get into profitable situations as well as pick up etana equity so I had to raise part here in order to either get a light stack off or to flip against the hands of aces and hearts or to just get my parent to fold his equity protocols that in calls which isn’t a huge surprise.

Usually in those considerations peel and stack off as poker juice calls it is mostly more profitable at just sticking it in select if my opponent even if he has a hand like aces and hearts it’s usually better to just call because there are certain term cards are really gonna diminishes equity very much and he might want to fold in those cards the turn is a deuce of spades.

And now he leads into me and I was a perfect turn card for us we’re gonna get the money in and we end up running into [Music] 7 6 3 4 with 3 clubs so that’s very surprising hand to show up at showdown generally speaking these kind of like lower run down stay are three betting pretty much only when they are double suited and also when they have no gaps in there.

I brought up an interesting sim here and that is actually sort of like this playing that when you are deep stacked in PLO like two hundred big ones versus 100 big blinds the overall 3 bit frequency goes down obviously because you had a position but the range composition moves towards playability and deception so I had like 7 6 5 4 double suited.

So I perfect double suited rundown is one of those candidates that had a hunger bait lines is really not doing well three betting small bite vs. cut off because of domination and the deception behind this hand 7 6 5 4 double suited is not as valuable when you are only a hundred a plunge deep at 2 under big blinds though we are attributing more value to deceptiveness and board coverage.

And therefore a 7 6 5 4 double suited is going to become a 3 bat so kind of interesting how these ranges shift when big blinds increase in this case though this is going to be very loose three-bed of course and generally not advisable because the hair isn’t strong enough even if the hand is sort of connected.

Given the fact that there’s a gap and some table suited it’s generally better to just go ahead and fold on the flop I think this hand is doing generally better just checking and that is because by betting you run into two difficulty scenarios the first one we just saw is when you get raised and when you get raised with this hand you’re usually gonna run into a strong combo draw and you’re gonna end up having around thirty five to forty percent equity.

So it’s a very dicey spot because you I don’t have to leave a lot of equity on the table or you have to peel and really hope the turn is something I could use the spades in which case as we see in this example you might still be behind.

But a lot of the term cards are going to be hurting your equity tremendously with his hand and definitely like more than half the deck and quite a bit more actually than half the deck and therefore kind of like that folding seems to be very ineffective with this hand or inefficient more so so checking is a better option because of that just because of when you get raised you run into a very difficult spot like a 35 to 40% equity hand.

And then secondary when you’re betting it called you’re bloating apart in a spot where a lot of the turn river cards are going to end up making you under realize your equity because there are very few term cards where you are happy to check haul 37 six three four in this scenario so keeping the pot small or keeping a puddin’s range wider generally more advisable in my opinion.

And when the Brandon’s part which that was great and we’re sitting on 300 big blinds and now this hand takes place a little bit later obviously now we were down to tune the big blinds doesn’t necessarily mean we lost chips is also just because the blinds are increasing obviously.

And we got here 2.5 X open from tally star under the gun in fact we’re playing five handed so an MP pretty easy defend flop is king eight seven rainbow and we flop bought a pair of wrap backdoor flush draw and we check and notice at the SP are here once again is really large because the open raised sizing was two point five x which is untypical for a hundred rape and cash games.

So it kind of creates a new dynamic and new strategies behind it than in cash games the main thing that means for me or for the other position players range is that you want to be more careful when it comes to check raising because it turns that pod ratio will be more significant or more bigger or larger more so.

And that is obviously unbeneficial for the other position player that being said my hand plays really well on turn just because my outs are very knotted that I do have and if I raise the flop and get we raise that can still continue so it’s kind of an in-between thing do you want a raise or not in these kind of situations.

The reason that didn’t decide to raise I think so is because I felt pretty comfortable sitting on two and there big blinds as chip leading the table and having a good having a good situation against the player to my right who was an unknown player who was playing as you can see here in his stats a VPIP of 62%.

So I want to protect my stack size just to make sure I’m not gonna bust in this specific situation because if i re-enter the tournament and i grab a different seat in a different table like my Eevee for the tournament it’s gonna be a lot lower and that is important for this specific tournament because a lot of the seats are very tough and not hi Evie because the field is really did it all really tough.

But this specific table and this seat was really valuable so I’m trying to protect that essentially that being said when you look at the stats so far on talstar in this tournament you can see that his seabed frequency is 88 times so a hundred percent incinerate spots and that’s a very high frequency obviously.

So generally speaking if you want to be tighter if you’re raising range you would include like a king in here so that you are avoiding to get or you’re gonna get are erased on the flop less often but I think in this particular case I think raising is going to just make more chips and also if I do end up stacking off in some scenario.

For example if I call a flop three bet and then the turn is going to be a card I’m not gonna get away from my draw and I call and brick river I still end up having a hundred eight lines in this particular situation it isn’t too bad although to be honest if I’m able to preserve my stack size at 200 rape lines I have kind of at two bullets against the player to my right hand side.

I can 3bet him light in position and then stack off and unfortunately lose potentially and still end up having pretty much a state the same stack size than my opponent and also remain on the tables.

So looking back at it now and thinking more deeply about it I think we do choose want to call and this whole thought experiment and process kind of shows how deep and interesting tournaments can become because you end up in unique situations like this one that don’t reflect the dynamics of cash games.

So I end up calling story short and the turn is a six of diamonds which that was a perfect card and at this point I decided to lead which I think makes a lot of sense for two reasons first of all I don’t block the king which is great because it means my parent can have pocket kings.

And talk to Kings won’t fold but Rowley bets and in secondary I don’t have diamonds which means I need not not only more protection but also there are more hands that can call me so end up betting here 75 cent of the pot and I think going larger is generally better just because I’m wrapping a very narrow range especially on this card.

It’s not like I’m gonna hold a lot of different types of straights in this spot when I check Hall flop it’s it’s basically going to be like some ten tens and nine nine combos maybe both diamonds sometimes like a hand like eight nine with diamonds or ten seven with diamonds that I could be betting so very polar wrapping and blocking the nuts or holding actually the nuts here if I have more of a merged range.

I think that Ang’s mauler could be a thing like this sizing or smaller but I think in this particular scenario padding larger is better and again some hands like King King as well as King extra diamonds or just hands are going to snap regardless of the sizing.

And I’m just removing some value here from my own end but this particular holding so I think parting is probably a way to do so in the betting a called river is the 10 of diamonds I end up having none did not straight but obviously a flush is beating me so I checked.

And then tally bets 20 big blinds into the around 29 big blinds pretty tough spot but putting it all together like there is a small and slight chance that he has a straight as well and he’s turning it into a bluff but I don’t think that chance is too high and I can’t end up calling though sometimes because I still win against ten nine as I’m holding the nut straight here and he could try to get me off the split.

But I better so want to do that if I have at least one diamond in my hand and with no diamonds in my hand I think it’s a pretty standard fold at this point also realized that he called a big turn bet so his bluffing hands are quite narrow door opportunities that he can have two kings with a diamond certainly possibility.

Because two kings and environment are Rolly good in this Pacific river card but apart from that the only real hand I can think of is holding 10-9 himself that now turns into a bluff but it seems quite risky because when I lead turn I could also have a flush draw myself if he doesn’t have diamonds there’s a higher chance I’m going to check whole river of diamonds.

So I think I’m pretty happy with this fault at the end of the day next hand we are sitting on the same table at 188 Pape lines against the big blind player how it starts same player as before three standard limp.

In no rake environments you want to limp a significant part of your pre verbal range here Planum lines and we get raised and we call we have good enough connectivity to justify doing so and the flop is six five deuce.

Also a side note I think that I have underappreciated how much I can limp and fold actually and not with this particular hand but with other combinations and it’s generally speaking of undervalued / underused option to limp fold small blinds anyway this hand is perfectly fine them calling flop is six five deuce.

Obviously preferable or it’s not preferable but it is advantageous for the limb caller because the eyes or raiser is going to have higher cards and third limb callers gonna have generally speaking lower cards not only that we also are blocking quite a bit here we are blocking destroyed holding two fours we have six seven four so we do have a draw on top of the open ender and we can also utilize some protection here.

So I decided to lead out which i think is pretty fine I wish I had a spade but given the fact that I have two fours and an open ender I think my hand is certainly good enough to justify putting out of that here main objective would be to get a fold out of my opponent but he ends up calling.

And I kind of like my sizing here going a little larger than half part 2/3 to make a few more combos fold like the absolute bear over Parris essentially turn is a great card six of clubs and so we want to pet again and the question is like how big is the sizing.

The reason we won a bet again is twofold first of all our parents gonna have a lot of old repairs and also is gonna have a lot of flush draw sand against both types of hints we want to put out a bet because they are wrongly betting themselves and also we need some protection against the flush draws.

So question is sizing and I think we want to go large because we are representing a very narrow range when we leave the flop and we are getting called or when we leave the flop in general we’re gonna have a range of like flush draws some straights and two pairs and these flush draws and straights.

I mean they’re obviously the weaker part of my distribution and those are the basically Bluffs but my valley range is really narrow like I’m gonna have some hands like this one and better like straights boats trips and then the draws so I think that going large here with that have a distribution putting aces and kings with or without spades into a tough spot.

It’s kind of the idea of my arrange I ended up betting half part which I don’t like I think the reason I did this is just to get my opponent to feel a little bit lighter but I think it’s kind of optimistic because if he has a hand like aces or kings he almost wants to call rather a large bet than a small bet.

Just because he’s obviously Bluff catching and I’m gonna look like I have a bluff and tried to push him off his hand there’s also a slight chance that given this sizing my opponent is going to continue with hands that have good equity against this particular holding like flush draws and straight draws.

So I don’t like that either about it so he ends up raising me which is very surprising small ratio to 18 big blinds I mean when this actually happened can I raise my eyebrows because I couldn’t really think of many hands that would choose this line as a bluff.

I just don’t see it happening very much because the term card is so advantageous for my range it’s even conceivable to think that monger solver might not even have a raising range or not much of a raising range in this spot so whenever someone puts up low-frequency move especially in an environment where people are quite aware of good strategies or GTO strategies.

So in this case I think Towelie knows this card is a great card to raise for his range but he’s still doing it I think it generally means that there is more valid like it’s kind of like I think there is a lack of bounds in these kind of moves that are low frequency and people end up having the strong parts of the distribution a lot more often than the weaker parts.

So for example if Towelie has a hand like a flush draw I don’t think he’s gonna pick up that hand and think oh yeah that’s a great hand to now Bluff raise to 6 so I feel I didn’t feel really confident calling this race but the price is really good and I can still improve on the river and potentially win a very large pot.

It map her and ends up having a handbag six twos or three four or even six five I can still hit that 7 so I had to call reverse the deuce of clubs I check and my opponent checks as well and he ends up showing down the ace Queen six for a thing from his perspective it makes a lot of sense the way he played the hand and actually like the turn raised from an exploitative perspective.

I’m pretty certain that GTA would probably not raise his hand just because he wants to have more port coverage on rivers to hero call but also he wants to have some Bluff raises on rivers and if the river or Bluff pets even if the river is a spade or like a straight completely in card that he doesn’t connect with like a seven and I bet he can use that hand to shove or hero call if the rivers are Spade.

And I end up checking he can use this him to Bluff as well so it’s kind of interesting hand to utilize in your calling range just for River playability and so that you’re less capped and that you also show up with Bluffs that have very strong blockers that being said I think it’s also a good hint to raise just to remove your opponents flush draws out of his range and just get rid of his equity.

Essentially I think though in a vacuum I like calling better for the reasons I stated earlier because it just does more for your range so to speak next end same table we are down to 136 big blinds and I open to point to 5x.

I guess I chose this sizing because what is always shallower but I really don’t mind going to point 5x I don’t think it’s a big difference anyway tally with the 3 bet I would expect a fairly strong range here for two reasons.

The stack size is in play the fact that it is a tournament and he’s in a great spot himself again we get at that nylon hero play still 62% of the hands he has a lot of chips you can apply pressure to the players remaining on the table and he’s at a position at around 140 big blinds effective.

Actually hundred thirty-five bit blind so probably quite a narrow range so I end up calling obviously and the flop is ace 10 8 and that’s obviously a massive flop top hair wrap back torn up flush draw he goes ahead and bats at 10 and I think this is just like a guaranteed raise in this case I decided to call.

And I think the reason I had two calls because I felt that almost by hand is so strong I want to trap but now thinking back about it there are some very tricky turn cards for my hand especially the King is really bad but also like blanks aren’t too great.

Like if the turn is something like a six of clubs or a six of spades I had a turn card like a king of spades is also really troubling and even when I make just straight on a card like a nine or a Jack if my opponent barrels twice like I don’t really have blockers for king queen so when my opponent can easily have king queen or king king or queen queen.

I had like a scream queen is king king but also ace king queen or king king queen king to inject hand those type of hands so I end up in a very difficult spot very off then if I call the flop and and the turn brings one of these straight completing cards and he goes for two barrels especially at these kind of stock sizes he’s gonna be able to put all the money in over multiple streets.

And I’m gonna have a bluff catcher which isn’t that great think about it in a Jack like I have 97 but I don’t have a single king or queen so raising on the other side allows me to get the money and against dominated draws like the king queen Jack ten or similar type of hands even a queen Jack ten nine which would be great for Sharon’s amount and I’m holding the better maid hand.

And also it just gives width of the play below the issue on the other side if he has a hand like ace king king or a screen queen we get rid of all the EB and equity has so I think it’s a better spot to just raise it up and I would preferably raised to full pot in this case.

The reason I want to raise full part is because I don’t think on this particular board I’m gonna have like a small raised folding range on a Stan eight which is very strong board for my opponent and also I just want to extract the max out of the dominated draws.

If you think about the small blind three betting range at one hundred and thirty five thirty five big ones effective and also realized I open small so like it plays much more like two hundred big blinds deep.

And if you think about the three betting which one is small but it’s mainly very playable slash connected hands and worker doing really well against disconnected hands on the sport and for that reason I radish its raised and trying to force him to put all the money and or most of the money in.

Instead of raising small and then having to deal with the same playability issues on Terrence rivers as I mentioned before on it on a jack or on a king even on a queen so I end up calling tourney’s D King of Hearts he bets 24 big blind signifies king king.

You can have Kings you can have queens you’re gonna have straights on my end it’s a very straightforward call it’s just like a hand that wants to call and see reverse there’s no reason to you do anything else essentially river is a great card which is the deuce of Hearts.

We have the nuts each X and now we have a decision to make we have to decide how big we’re going to bet and I’m not sure about the answer to be honest like I thought about like what are the types of hands I can have that would be bluffing and Bally betting and what about my opponent.

So my opponent is going to have some straight its King King King like all these hands that don’t really make up for a great hero called the first place so I don’t think I have to optimize against a hand like ace king king no heart I think that hand is not going to call very often it doesn’t matter if I bet half pot or full part of two-thirds at the end of the day.

I still call flop and turn which shows a lot of strength what can I have two like I could have some I can have a similar hand in mind that without hearts but even then the turn call will be kind of marginal so I think I end up when I bet the river showing with a lot of nut flushes here and also some queen-high flush is that I can have as well a queen-high drawn a turn or a hand like a scream queen in hearts.

We know hearts in this case or some other hands but I don’t think I’m gonna have too many lower hearts combinations but my opponent can certainly have you can have a low run down that easy decided to 3bet preflop and bet up and turn because flop is great for see betting and the turn is quite scary so it could also double barrel.

But I hand like eight seven six five of like hearts for example six five four hearts a combo like that one I think there is a very small chance my opponent is going to hero call a large bet and the reason is the one that I just stated I don’t think I’m gonna show up with a lot of natural Bluffs a lot of Bluffs that come easy to define.

And I’m also not gonna have a lot of low flushes like it’s it’s a very tough spot I have to basically convince him to call him with a low flush by betting on the small end I think that’s the reality of this part another hand he might hero call is the ace Queen Jack with the Queen of Hearts or the Jack of Hearts but even then I don’t think I can extract a really large bet.

End up adding pot being super greedy and getting the fold again I don’t necessarily like this sizing too much in a spot where I have a range that is full of not full but has more kind of obvious Bluff candidates it makes more sense to use it’s kind of polarize size in my opinion.

But when I bet very large what I’m saying from a theoretical perspective is that I’m not only representing a strong value hand or do nots basically but I’m also saying I’m going to stuff a lot of Bluffs into my bed so when I bet full part in order for him to call he has to be ahead 33 percent at the time.

That’s just the odds he’s getting and I’m saying we’re betting full part that I’m able to bluff 1/3 of the time in this case and I don’t think that’s the reality that’s why my main argument that’s my main argument for betting smaller.

Alright next hand here we have 8 6 5 4 double suited opening small I think I’ll rather open a little bit larger and the reason is because I’m not only on the cutoff I don’t want to get flatted too much by the button but also I don’t think these kind of blinds especially koba’s in the big blind is folding a ton against such a small open and I still want to have some fold equity.

I think when I open on the cutoff anyhow we open small koba’s calls flop is ace seven nine as I mentioned he’s probably going to call a wide range of hands and we’re doing extremely well on this board.

It’s actually quite different to cash games in a sense of in cash games the open raising size is mainly full pot and my opponent in the big blind has a tremendous folding range or should have and that means that his post flop distribution is much closer to mine it is much stronger on a board like it’s 97 were in tournaments as you race so small and there’s no rake he’s basically incentivized the defend you know ninety percent of his brief up hands essentially.

And he’s doing a much worse on many boards because my open raising range is going to be quite narrow and his defending winter divide so there’s a big discrepancy of ranges here and on a port like ace 97 we’re basically able to see bet a very high-frequency unnormal frequency in comparison to our cash game strategies what I’m saying.

So I bet and I decided to pay a little bit larger 75% because I have pretty weak hand I would want to get a few more hands to fold this way I don’t mind it too much Tony goes out and calls also notice that if I do get check raised it’s very often not flushed all the top hair and I’m in very bad shape so it’s not too bad to just bet fold turns six of hearts action six of clubs and turning the straight.

Obviously now this is so he checks and this is kind of situation that is very often being checked by marker because of two reasons first of all our hand does extremely poor versus check race like if you think about the SPR in the turn if I do get check raise my opponent can basically get in 77 big blinds into a 12.5 DB part and I’m holding potentially zero percent equity.

So improvement potential versus nuts is very low and therefore getting check raise is a big disaster on the other side getting check hold isn’t that great either because a lot of the river cards are gonna be changing the current dots and my opponent can lead into me and I will have to fold in a bigger pot so this hand ends up or tends to be one of the really strongest hands to check back and then call most rivers.

So I decide to check back I also think cobras could be one of the guys that is taking a 10x of spades type of hands on the turn in check raising ripping river and again that is going to be a very very tough spot for my hands at such a high a spear to get all the money and over to street with a bluff catcher it’s also not like I have great blockers you know.

It’s I don’t have a ten in my hand which is very crucial the best argument for calling down is the fact I don’t have space but it’s very easy for him to have ten ages because ten eight would call the flop every single time with and without Space Ghost check check and D River history of clubs.

My parent goes in bets three bib lines very very small block bet which is certainly a thing in mocker especially for the opposition player we have an easy race and he goes that unfolds next step we have a say s7 for rainbow 2.2 5x and again the big blind is a very active player with a wide range of 62% of hands.

The flop is obviously great three five six and we face a small lead I mean we could go two ways theoretically raising and calling but I think the main arguments were raising actually is that we just don’t block a lower straits sets two pairs and do really well against those hands.

On the other side it’s gonna be very difficult to stack two pair or a set on most of the run outs we do have an ace of diamonds and that generally speaks for calling but because we have such a strong made hand on top it I think tilted towards raising a little bit more often especially playing against unknown.

The reason I’m saying that is because an unknown player might be willing to stack off lighter and I’ll do you know when you look at my hand and think about reasonable stack of ranges potentially you would think of like a flipping type of scenario where my opponent has like a combo draw open-ended straight draw a pair of flush draw backdoor flush draws a set.

In this straight draw these kind of scenarios against an unknown player it could also go in quite a bit lighter so I race and looks like he wants to get the money in we definitely are going to do that run-out instant great at all but my opponent shows up with the a 10 10 5 4 4.

Well basically for an over pair with an open-ended straight draw and that was obviously quite surprising and one of the reasons why you want to throw in a race here most of the time just because your opponent might be overvaluing hands like an open-ended straight toward an overpair.

So a pretty nice pot and we move over to the next hand next hand here is king Jack Jack aid obviously very strong holding especially given stack sizes in play the player to my right in this specific case is also I think an unknown player the way I recall it history is frequency seem to be much more normal so to speak.

Though 34:19 on the aggressive side but most players are on the table Kobus opens 2.75 bay blinds out of a 58 bit blind stack and the button KO calls now I think my hand is just too strong to call it is doing really well in 3bet part I might get some dry Kings to fold some Queens to fold a sex to fold.

Especially in Cobras shoes as he is shallow he generally doesn’t want to call that much against three bets and also I just make my life much easier post up afterwards the downside of squeezing is that we are in a good chip stack position right now like if we bust a tournament for example and we re-enter we would probably reenter at this point for 50 big blinds or so.

And we obviously have almost 200 big blinds so that’s a pretty large difference and I also felt pretty comfortable with a table set up in the first place because I had a lot of chips and some of the aggressive players don’t necessarily and there still is unknown player position on in the deep stack scenarios.

So I necessarily didn’t want to increase variance that much and I ended up calling but I think looking back it’s a little bit too good of a scenario given cobra stack size my assumption of his open raise range and also my assumption of this players coco frequency is probably more in the wider end.

If you look at the coco frequency undercut of its 20% 3 out of 15 and on the button it’s 1 216 not very high and but I can notice that he is folding big blind a lot versus steel so the V pip has to come from either horrifying or Co calling or a mix of them yeah it’s a close one but I think it’s just doing better and and winning more chips as a squeeze.

And even if I end up losing against Cobras like I’m still gonna have plenty of chips here so three wave flops 7 6 6 we check and Clovis goes and bets 2.5 big blinds I think we have a very easy call we just can’t fold against such a small sizing with our backdoor flush draws the boat outs and 8 which can sometimes be utilized as a bluff phone at some point.

At a hand turn is reduced which is obviously a very strong card for his range not only does he have aces and Kings Way more often that might my range has but also as I didn’t race to flop he’s also gonna have all the strongest 1076 and 6x 77 those hands as well I check and he goes and that’s seven big blinds half part I ended up folding which i think is okay.

Like the hands i want to call here or more so like hands that have more equity against the medium to strong part of its range so i wanna have at putting against aces and kings and i want to have equity against 6x i think that ends up being hands that have a straight draw at more so than my hand which only has two jacks in order to significantly improve.

It’s also just the nature of the spot if not put in bed small i will have a lot of calls that will have to fold on turns if he bets large andres risking a significantly bigger chip and mounted on the flop next and we have a 3x open from the cut off same table set up and i decide to call.

It’s actually kind of marginal because the small at the big plant only has 10 big blinds left and if he goes all-in with a squeeze which is going to be very profitable with many hands because the cut off will generally re isolate and then there’s a ton of that money in relation to this entire stack size or the entire sections of the big blind.

So the big blind has a lot of incentive to just go ahead and go all-in when i co call and i’m basically burning my three big blinds in that specific scenario on the other side if the big bank holds the big blind will also jam the flop really often in which case i am actually in position and the cut off is in a very difficult spot so it’s kind of a give and take situation.

I think given how strong my hand is and how white they’re perceived open raising ranges of my opponent in the like thirties at least 33 percent it says so far here twelve out of 37 I think our hand is probably too strong to fold preflop and but we will have to fold a few squeezes in here or reopens the action and jab spacing.

When I mean this is actually interesting so now bowling calls as well and the big blind gets a tremendous prize in jamming he has to put 10 big blinds into the middle there are already 10 big blinds in the middle so it’s getting a great price and there’s a very high chance that this player will we isolate given the cap Grainger’s behind him.

That being said myself here I should definitely have a pretty decent amount of aces for that specific reason in my coke whole range so again it just shows the depth of tournaments and how many new things are to be considered so the flop is Queen 7/3 check-check.

And I think the big plant in this case is going to be playing very honest just because if he has a value hidden gem she’s gonna call it really often by a weekend as well and he gets a really good prize I’m forcing out equity so if you guys like a top hair hand or any flush draw it probably she’s gonna have Jam.

So when he doesn’t Jam I think that he’s not gonna continue essentially now the cutoff player checks as well and we have a pretty good combo hand it’s not a combo draw but it’s like a combo hand in a sense if we have top hair blocker as well as the club blocker which is a resulting in ton of fold equity.

I think the big plan is folding anyway really often the cut off ends up not see bedding in a four-way part I think a lot of the value means wants to bet a hand for example like aces with a nut flush draw especially if yes a gutshot or attacked a flush draw so I think batting here puts everyone into sort of a difficult spot.

Like Bolin has two players behind his ad position for the remainder of the hand I’m betting into three opponents of my range that’s really strong and I don’t think he can like do too much about it here like he has to pay quite straight forward then I can risk a small amount in order to force of a quorum remain in position at high SBR and we end up getting a call from the cut off.

Turn is the ace of clubs cut off checks and when you think about the fact that I was batting into three opponents on the flop and I end up down the turn with middle pair I think this is actually a really good hand and most likely at GTO double barrel.

The reasons for double Burling is that we have a equity against the hand like pocket aces or ace queen the fact that we have a check of clubs which is very irrelevant at this point and and obviously the outs just against aces.

As I already mentioned the king queen Jack we can still hit a stride and win against him that gets Queen or ace ace so I think the turn is in fact a double barrel now it is possible that book on arrow has a hint like a weak flush draw maybe 7x of clubs but even then it’s a difficult spot if have bet large because I did bet the flop into three opponents.

So I think betting something like 75% of the part is kind of the way to go here check check the residues and at this point I’m not really repping great well I mean I could represent a jack high flush at 10 high flush not many of those washers are betting flop but I am pretty much at the bottom of a range.

Here considering I was betting the flop into 3 opponents so I think I would have heard before I prefer to turn but with this hand but as it played out I would still bet the river now in hindsight sure my opinion is probably gonna check if he has a 7 high flush 8 head flashed on high flush even 10 high flush likely to to just check.

But I think I still want a bet and and get him off a hand like 2 Kings and backdoor spades a hands like Asus a hand like ace Queen I think a lot of those hands have a pretty difficult spot continuing but we checked my opponent shows down ace 10 3 3 which is pretty surprising when you think about the flop SPR.

2 of his opponents were very shallow or even bowling is quite shallow and I think just betting and trying to our deny I could get value from Queen X as well as flush draws is powered preferable like he checks to the to D to the in position player in a four-way part and I don’t think that’s really the him to do it with because there are a lot of hands in Bolin’s range.

In my range at one a park control like flush draws for example or queen x hands that do not have the club that i have maybe was backdoor spades hands that would called a bet i on the flop but he might not get value from another turn cards so I kind of would prefer betting here in the father.

Alright there’s gonna be the last hand of this review and then we’re gonna do a second part look into the remaining hands let me just see how many we have yeah there are plenty of hands wow there’s a lot of hands okay so maybe this be a multi-part series the pencils on the feedback guys let me know if you enjoy in this type of analysis.

I decided this time that I’m looking into these hands ahead of time and building sort of an opinion on it some ideas on it and and not use too much marker for this particular case so now we get polka opening here again yes probably a little bit of a wider range to most people want to open raising.

You can see that I already lost my chips in some way probably small parts and half now double it aces be obviously one of three bets just now plays much closer to cash games from an SBR perspective because he opens 3x and I think at this point select Ben 86 joins the tables at the table at 40 big blinds roundabouts and I think that’s pretty much the amount you would get for a reentry.

So I’m not too far away from that in the first place but also it’s just too good of a spot obviously to not three bet here all I’m saying is I would still reenter the tournament if I bust at this point because the structure is slow we already have seen some non PLO players in the field and I felt at this point pretty confident about about the fact that there is some edge to be gained in the tournament although it probably isn’t too high.

So we get called flop is a queen nine five two clubs in one heart and we’re looking at an espy off around three a little bit higher so very similar to cash game situations and obviously we want to bet the question is what sizing and in this case it depends a lot on two factors the first one is our play ability to which turns every bit small on the flop.

So do we have backdoor draws additional equity and in this case like open tenders for example straight draws back to our flush draws in this case we do have backdoor flush draws and back to straight draws at 3/5 around if I had three four around the five of his lame so this is the hand that generally wants to bet half pot.

Now if you play against someone which I’m not sure in this case I’m still not sure about it but if you play against someone who probably isn’t as experienced in PLO and I’m getting not saying he isn’t I just don’t recognize the screen name then oftentimes you could also bet larger.

And their main reason you would like to do that is because when someone has a hand like a queen and a gutshot a queen in an open-end or I don’t think too many people are gonna pick up on the fact that you bet larger than you usually would in this kind of situation.

Like usually we’re betting really polar and we have a to bet size approach anyway on this board parting and half parting but this hand would go into half parting because of the playability features but I think we can extract a little bit more value in this board because there are a lot of open Enders like jacked em combinations that would probably call a lot of it as well.

Especially if an opponent doesn’t pick up and besides in town surfing in hindsight I would like to bet something like 16 17 big blinds 18 big blinds rather than the twelve for 11 big blinds I was betting and if our hand is or if we have like less playability.

So we only have aces and cups no backdoor hearts then padding is probably the way to go here because we don’t want to get caught in the flop and then have too many turns or a lot of turns where I put and can lead into us and we’ll have to fold.

And the way to sort of come around that is by part in the flop and and making it more like the opponent’s out on a shelf or making it more like that we can still stack off on turns that aren’t that great for us put in folds and we take that apart so that’s it for the first review hope you guys enjoyed this kickoff of the 10k scoop pillow main event and a lot more hands to come see the next video Fernando over and out for the PLO mastermind.

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