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Even if I am a professional poker player (and a poker student) since more than a decade, this is the first time I really feel like I am one, thanks to the Mastermind program and the JNandez Poker team.

It’s a revolution in the poker coaching/training industry. The way they teach and the methodology, active community, quizzes, Q&A streams, podcasts, mental and technical resources, and new tools and ways to work are based on the needs of the community. I really feel that the JNP Team are doing everything they can to improve our learning experience.

Thanks to that, I became in a year from a losing to a winning PLO player after an intensive year of work and study with still tons of improvements to work on, brought to light by team JNP. As long as I’m a poker player, I just do not have any interest in cancelling my Mastermind subscription, it improves myself as a player but also as a person.


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I’ve been a member of the Mastermind for about a year and a half. The Mastermind is undoubtedly one of the highest quality PLO courses out there. I’ve been playing online poker for 7 years and been on many different training sites, but this is hands down the best.

They combine efficient learning methods used by post-secondary teachers and mathematical software to help members learn and understand the game. Throughout my experience with the PLO Mastermind, their support staff was quick to respond and fix any issues.


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I think it is very clear to any serious poker player that in order to succeed in the game we are supposed to evolve as players and improve our knowledge consistently to avoid the danger of falling behind in a game that is constantly changing.

We all have a set amount of time we can spend on studying, and it is in our best interest to spend that time efficiently by choosing the best material out there. To me JNandezPoker was an obvious choice, here poker training is taken to a whole new level. Not only do they make sure that they have the best and most up-to-date material, it is also a great studying experience.

On top of helping us acquire and learn new concepts that we didn’t know before ,they also make sure it is possible for us to review them and go over them again using quizzes in order to understand them at a deeper level. They put a lot of emphasis on players and are making sure that they have everything they need on their way to becoming successful. Environment in the Mastermind is very friendly and there are a bunch of people who will make sure you always have your questions answered and have received all the help necessary.

The days when you could be successful in poker by only playing and sometimes reviewing your own hands several times a week is long gone, if you’re serious about improving and want to take your game to the next level, JNandezPoker is one of the best choices you can make.


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I am Diego from Italy, 25 years old, specialized in playing live cash games. I moved from playing 2/2 to play regularly 5/10 in less than a year, giving occasional shots at higher stakes during big events in good tables.

JNP has been extremely important to me to realize faster the mindset shift necessary to believe fully in my potential. It gave a solid structure to my poker experience which helped me to optimize my time by learning more in less time.

The learning experience is truly enjoyable based on many visual explanations, making it easier to memorize concepts, and interactive features, like quizzes and an active forum. It also encourages players to extend their knowledge with a detailed support in using solvers. However, its greatest strength is the willingness to improve the quality and effectiveness of the material everyday.

We takes edges on smaller details in poker and JNP covers a huge variety of small nuances too which are easily ignored (ex. How to focus better, table selection or rake) and putting them all together sums up to massive edges at the table and outside. A final thought goes to its desire to create a community where people want to lift each other up, which makes it easier for us to surround ourselves with winning people.



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