An intensive course for shortstacking strategy. Get preflop down pat and you're most of the way there. Now we're going into postflop!

  • 24 Lessons
  • 10.7 Hrs
What You Will Learn
  • The benefits of shortstacking in PLO with regards to variance, winrates, and the shrinking of the preflop and postflop game trees.
  • How to develop correct preflop ranges using the PLO Mastermind Shortstacking Preflop Chart and understand the key differences between 100bb, 50bb and 30bb stack sizes.
  • Why you can defend wider preflop in a few specific situations as a shortstack player.
  • Exploitative preflop adjustments we can make versus typical online and live player tendencies.
  • Shortstack postflop strategy and sizing for single raised pots and 3-bet pots.
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