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Time to get into the lab! In this course we'll use Holdem Manager 2 (Omaha) to identify, find, and plug our leaks, step-by-step. Other poker trackers can be used, what's most important is to learn to work on your game.

  • 12 Lessons
  • 3.9 Hrs

What You Will Learn

  • How to set up Holdem Manager 2, create and import filters to plan and set out goals for your study sessions.
  • How to use the PLO Mastermind Preflop Charts and our preflop category filters or sims to identify your preflop frequency and range composition leaks.
  • How to use the Postflop Shortcuts GTO frequencies tables and filter for board texture and action to analyze postflop scenarios like 3-bet pots.
  • How to work with a solver and good old fashioned excel sheet to break down a spot, gain PLO insights and structure your self-improvement.
  • How to review hands with all these tools and draw conclusions and key takeaways from your off table work that is applicable the next time you play.

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