NLHE background or new to PLO? Get up to speed FAST with the PLO fundamentals, learn key principles and avoid common mistakes.

  • 23 Lessons
  • 6.2 Hrs
What You Will Learn
  • How to categorize different flops and build your intuition on correct c-bet sizing and frequency on each of the seven categories.
  • Why 3-Betting SB vs BTN is one of the biggest winrate gamechangers in PLO and how we can simplify our c-betting strategy on many boards.
  • Why we generally c-bet small with a polarized range and big with a merged range in 3-bet pots OOP.
  • What kind of board textures do not hit the Button?s preflop range and why we tend to bet big in those cases.
  • Which straight boards we can bet with a high frequency and which we need to always check.
  • What our c-betting range composition looks like on monotone and paired boards in 3-bet pots.
  • Principles to adjust our c-betting strategy when starting with 200bbs compared to 100bbs.
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