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PLO micro stakes has a specific environment: many weak players playing too loose in a high rake structure. What does it take to maximize your winrate in these games and continue moving up the ladder, both on and off the tables?

  • 20 Lessons
  • 11.8 Hrs

What You Will Learn

  • How to create an edge at the micros by having increased awareness of player pool tendencies and rake.
  • An introduction to what Game Theory Optimal (GTO) strategy is and why, while important to understand, should not be your ultimate goal when playing PLO.
  • How to adjust your preflop range to maximally exploit loose preflop ranges and limpers when you have low or no fold equity.
  • What it takes to become accountable for your self-improvement away from the poker table and why most will not escape the micros without commitment and clarity.
  • Bankroll Management rules of thumb, PLO variance and why you should usually stay in the ?shot taking? mentality.

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