82 Episodes

29.7   hrs

The 10-Week PLO Transformation course is JNandez' new PLO starter course, providing a guided path step-by-step process to build up that skill set and mentality required. JNandez introduces the Mastermind Elements: Strategy, Tactics, Mental Game and Optimizations. This course is still in progress.

2 Episodes

1   hrs

A mix of theory and practice with the aim of becoming an absolute beast at the classic 100bb stack size.

3 Episodes

1.3   hrs

Using the PLO Trainer and other tools to dig deep into the great game of Pot Limit Omaha.

26 Episodes

7.6   hrs

PLO Mastermind coach Luuk Botter explores the strategies needed to Crush Small Stakes PLO.

37 Episodes

7.6   hrs

New to the PLO Mastermind? Start out with the Launchpad! The goal of this course if to get you up to speed FAST. You will learn the game's key fundamentals to avoid costly mistakes. The course will then set a strong basis for approaching preflop and postflop strategy in PLO in future courses.

20 Episodes

11.8   hrs

PLO micro stakes has a specific environment: many weak players playing too loose in a high rake structure. What does it take to maximize your winrate in these games and continue moving up the ladder, both on and off the tables?

34 Episodes

9.9   hrs

PLO exists within a framework. You can only bet up to the size of the pot and everyone holds 4 holdecards. In this course, we'll use 3-bet pots to begin learning postflop GTO strategies. We'll start with the most common 3-bet scenarios.

29 Episodes

3.9   hrs

This course will bring you short, focused episodes in order to learn the principles behind single raised pots strategy in PLO. Most lessons include quizzes and challenges with extra information to solidify your learning process.

7 Episodes

2.1   hrs

In this course we'll cover multiway single raised pots, starting out with the most common 3-way scenario. The Cutoff opens, the Button calls and we call from the Big Blind. How should we navigate these pots out of position versus two opponents?

10 Episodes

2.1   hrs

A lot of 3-bet pots go multiway in PLO, especially in low stakes and live games. This course will introduce you to what solid strategies look like in 3-bet multiway pots in PLO and how to play your range on different board textures.

3 Episodes

0.7   hrs

Let's take a look at some good old sweet deepstacked Pot Limit Omaha strategy.

8 Episodes

2.9   hrs

Correct bet sizing maximizes your expected value. Let's explore how that is the case and how we can conceptualize the principles behind it, so that we can apply them at the tables.

21 Episodes

4.4   hrs

Want to learn something quickly on the go or start up your poker brain before starting your next session? Check out these powerful concepts and hand breakdowns.

5 Episodes

1.3   hrs

Easy to digest GTO theory in quick videos.

36 Episodes

22.1   hrs

Teaching you how to look back at your sessions, review them, and take away key lessons.

68 Episodes

45.2   hrs

Execution and hand analysis are key. Listen to JNandez's in-game thought process, real-time exploitative adjusments, and watch him break down trouble hands post-game.

19 Episodes

14.5   hrs

PLO 100 is a great stake with many recreational players. In this course JNandez plays 15 hours of $0.50/$1.00 PLO and then do analysis on the population tendencies to show you what works, what doesn't, and how to crush this stake in today's games.

10 Episodes

6.7   hrs

In this course I move up from the 100z Poker Stars tables to 200z. How should we adjust to slightly tougher opposition and a slightly higher rake structure? Lets put in some volume and analyze the differences in the player pool tendencies.

18 Episodes

14.1   hrs

Shuller_A1t aka Alexey Altshuller plays $500 Pot Limit Omaha on Poker Stars and gives you an insight into what it takes to crush in this line-up. Get your notebooks out and prepare to take some notes from one of the best PLO players out there.

12 Episodes

10.3   hrs

PLO Mastermind coaches JNandez, Shuller and Suhepx put their heads together and talk strategy at the highest levels.

10 Episodes

16.9   hrs

Monday to Friday at 3pm CET. Let's dive deep into how to study and improve our PLO game in 2020.

6 Episodes

0.6   hrs

Tutorials for GTO PLO Trainer.

12 Episodes

3.9   hrs

Time to get into the lab! In this course we'll use Holdem Manager 2 (Omaha) to identify, find, and plug our leaks, step-by-step. Other poker trackers can be used, what's most important is to learn to work on your game.

36 Episodes

20.8   hrs

In this course I'll analyze a yearly PLO Mastermind member's database and gameplay. Download the Member Review template and pull all your stats from HM2. Follow along the analysis and start developing your solid study routine.

5 Episodes

0.7   hrs

Monker Solver is currently the leading Pot Limit Omaha solver on the market. In this course, we'll teach you everything you need to know about installing, setting up, and running your own sims with Monker Solver. If you'd like to buy PLO sims, check out the JNP Sims Pack.

16 Episodes

8.8   hrs

Live PLO is such a different game. Not just because of the extra players, but unique ante structures and opponent tendencies. In this course we'll cover some of the theoretical adjustments we need to make and review live PLO hands.

7 Episodes

2.3   hrs

Featuring real life PLO hands from LIVE AT THE BIKE, in this course we will analyze common situations and figure out how to approach them by using principles as guidance.

42 Episodes

17.7   hrs

This course covers the adjustments to be made when playing heads up. From preflop ranges and theory to game dynamics and mindset shifts.

30 Episodes

17.2   hrs

PLO tournaments are one of the softest areas of opportunity in both live and online poker right now. How should we adjust given there's no rake, there are shortstacks everywhere and payout considerations?

30 Episodes

13.6   hrs

Shorstacking is one of the most powerful strategies in Pot Limit Omaha as you tend to realize your hand's equity more often and opponents rarely adjust their ranges correctly. Learn correct preflop strategy and you're most of the way there!

16 Episodes

10.9   hrs

5 Card PLO has been gaining popularity in the last few months, particularly in live poker and app poker sites. In this course we'll explore the strategy adjustments involved in this format, both preflop and postflop.

101 Episodes

137.4   hrs

Q&A livestreams provide an opportunity for members to ask JNandez questions. Everything from poker and strategy questions to thoughts on mindset and execution. Join in every once a month to ask what's on your mind. Watch the top page banner or join the Discord chat for the next Q&A date!

5 Episodes

1.6   hrs

JNandez takes a dive into thousands of hands from opponents and looks for where some exploitable adjustments could be found.

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