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35 Episodes

7.4 hrs

New to PLO or coming from a No Limit Hold'em background? Start out with the Launchpad! The goal of this course if to get you up to speed FAST with the right fundamentals. You will learn PLO's most key principles and avoid common and costly mistakes. Season 1 covers preflop play while Season 2 gives an introduction to postflop strategy.

20 Episodes

11.8 hrs

The micro stakes at Pot Limit Omaha often has a recurring theme: a lot of weak players playing too loose and a high rake structure. The key adjustment is clear. But what else does it take to increase adjustments can maximize your winrate in these games and continue moving up the ladder? A lot of success comes down to mindset and accountability.

22 Episodes

5.6 hrs

What is the nature of PLO? Lets learn how to construct a well balanced c-betting range after 3-betting Small Blind versus the Button. This is the most common 3-bet OOP scenario and we'll use it to delve into the nature of this great 4 card game.

12 Episodes

3.9 hrs

Get your hands dirty! Open up Holdem Manager 2 and follow along to learn how to find leaks in your game and plug them, step-by-step.

14 Episodes

2.3 hrs

This course will bring you short, focused episodes in order to learn the principles behind single raised pots strategy in PLO. Many lessons include quizzes and challenges with extra information to solidify your learning process.

1 Episode

0.4 hrs

7 Episodes

1.1 hrs

A lot of pots go multiway in PLO especially in low stakes and live games. This course will introduce you to what solid strategies look like in postflop multiway pots in PLO when in position, out of position, and different relative positions. Lets dive into multiway pots and see how play differs from heads up pots.

8 Episodes

2.9 hrs

Correct bet sizing maximizes your Expected Value. It's important to understand exactly why and figure out in which situations and streets it makes sense to bet small and when we should just pot it.

13 Episodes

2.8 hrs

Powerful concepts in about 10 minutes. These videos are designed to make constant improvement a habit.

16 Episodes

13 hrs

Considerable money can be made at PLO 100 as many recreational players jump into it and the best regulars move up out of. In this course JNandez will play 20 hours of 100 PLO to show you exactly what works, what doesn't and how to crush this stake in today's games.

7 Episodes

4.7 hrs

Moving up from the 100z Poker Stars tables to 200z and talking about the differences in player pool and tendencies.

28 Episodes

13.1 hrs

An intensive course for shortstacking strategy. Shorstacking can be one of the most powerful strategies in Pot Limit Omaha because people don't adjust well enough and you get to realize your hand's equity more often by being all-in. Learn correct preflop strategy and you're most of the way there!

11 Episodes

6 hrs

In this course I share the adjustments and special skills it takes for you to prosper at the live poker room.

4 Episodes

1 hrs

Featuring real life PLO hands from LIVE AT THE BIKE, in this course we will analyze common situations and figure out how to approach them by using principles as guidance.

21 Episodes

10.4 hrs

This course covers the adjustments to be made when playing heads up. From preflop ranges and theory to game dynamics and mindset shifts.

22 Episodes

12 hrs

PLO tournaments are one of the softest areas of opportunity in both live and online poker right now. How should we adjust given there's no rake, there are shortstacks everywhere and payout considerations?

4 Episodes

2.2 hrs

5 Card PLO has been gaining popularity in the last few months, particularly in live poker and app poker sites. In this course we'll explore the strategy adjustments involved in this format, both preflop and postflop.

31 Episodes

20.1 hrs

Execution and hand analysis are key to learning. Hear my in-game thought process and watch me break down trouble hands post-game.

29 Episodes

15 hrs

In this course I'll analyze a PLO Mastermind Member's database and gameplay to identify and plug specific leaks and help them move forward!

25 Episodes

46.5 hrs

Livestreams providing a combination of content recaps, announcements, PLO livestream for members and discussions on mindset. Join and feel free to ask questions or post hands in our Discord #live-training channel.

5 Episodes

20.8 hrs

The $100k Challenge returns! Starting with a $50,000 bankroll, JNandez will try to profit $100,000 in 100 days at the PLO tables and livestream it all on Twitch. The PLO Mastermind will have exclusive access to the VODs. Tune in on Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays at 2 PM CET / 7 AM CT on

6 Episodes

1 hrs

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