What does the monthly membership give me access to?

The JNandez Mastermind includes unlimited access to our content library, to attend the Q&A livestreaming sessions and join the member community and team support on Discord for a 30 day period. A yearly membership lasts 365 days. On Discord, it gives you access to private member channels and the Preflop Helper. It also gives you access to Preflop Charts, Postflop Shortcuts and other Downloadable resources. It does not give access to the Monker Solver Sims that are for sale separately at: https://jnandezpoker.com/pro-tools/jnp-sims-pack

Is there a sign up fee?

No, we do not operate with sign up fees! We want to help make it easy for people to invest in their poker education. You can join, cancel, skip a period, and renew at anytime from your 'My Account' page at: https://jnandezpoker.com/account

What happens if I sign up and cancel my ongoing subscription immediately?

When you cancel your subscription, you retain access to the membership until the period paid for expires. For example, if you sign up on June 1st and cancel your subscription on June 2nd, you still retain access to all the membership perks until July 1st. At the expiration date and time of your sign up, you lose access to the content, resources and member communities. You can renew at any date after the expiration date.

Can I come back after weeks or months of being an inactive member?

Sure, simply renew your membership from your account settings and you will regain access to our content library, community and live training sessions. https://jnandezpoker.com/account

Do you offer a refund?

Yes, new members have a 30-day refund period, no questions asked (only feedback!) Feel free to email support@jnandezpoker.com with any request or question. The Monker Solver Sims do not have a refund once the files have been downloaded by the user.

How much content is there on the site?

As of September 2019 there are over 450+ videos and 250+ quizzes. You can view the video content library at https://jnandezpoker.com/mastermind

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