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The PLO Mastermind is a Pot Limit Omaha training system taught by JNandez87. It features in-depth training videos, challenges, a strong network of players and live sessions designed to take your game to the next level.

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Fernando Habegger aka JNandez87 has won over a million dollars playing Pot Limit Omaha cash games with consistent winning results since 2011. He is one of the most sought out poker coaches in the industry.

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Learn the most advanced strategies in highly practical and short lessons. Participate in weekly exclusive live training sessions. Discuss strategy with Mastermind members and my support team on a daily basis.

What You Get

NLHE Onboarding
NLHE Onboarding

Transition fast to PLO

Database Analysis
Database Analysis

Plug leaks with
holdem manager 2

Live Training Sessions
Live Training

Exclusive online streams
and webinars

Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly

Designed for mobile


Discuss strategy, hands
and network

Play and Explains
Play and Explains

Low, mid and
high stakes

Explore Our Courses

23 Episodes

6.2 hrs

NLHE background or new to PLO? Get up to speed FAST with the PLO fundamentals, learn key principles and avoid common mistakes.


18 Episodes

10.3 hrs

Why do some players get stuck in the micros? Let's find out and make a plan for you to move up faster!


17 Episodes

6.4 hrs

Preflop mistakes can be subtle and tend to compound postflop. This learning track is composed of videos from the PLO Mastermind in an effort to provide a structured learning process for self-improving your preflop strategy.


12 Episodes

2.6 hrs

Powerful concepts in about 10 minutes. These videos are designed to make constant improvement a habit.


14 Episodes

11.9 hrs

At PLO 100 is a stake where considerable money can be made as many recreational players jump into it and the best regulars move up out of. In this course, I will move down to PLO 100 for 50 hours to show you exactly what works, what doesn't and how to crush this stake level in today's online games.


11 Episodes

1.4 hrs

This course will bring you short, focused episodes in order to learn the principles behind single raised pots strategy in PLO. Many lessons include quizzes and challenges with extra information to solidify your learning process.


17 Episodes

4.3 hrs

What are the most important things we can learn from 3-Bet pots?


12 Episodes

3.9 hrs

Get your hands dirty! Open up Holdem Manager 2 and follow along to learn how to find leaks in your game and plug them, step-by-step.


5 Episodes

0.6 hrs

A lot of pots go multiway in PLO especially in low stakes and live games. This course will introduce you to what solid strategies look like in postflop multiway pots in PLO when in position, out of position, and different relative positions. Lets dive into multiway pots and see how play differs from heads up pots.


8 Episodes

2.9 hrs

Correct bet sizing maximizes your Expected Value. It's important to understand exactly why and figure out in which situations and streets it makes sense to bet small and when we should just pot it.


24 Episodes

10.7 hrs

An intensive course for shortstacking strategy. Get preflop down pat and you're most of the way there. Now we're going into postflop!


10 Episodes

5.4 hrs

In this course I share the adjustments and special skills it takes for you to prosper at the live poker room.


19 Episodes

9.6 hrs

This course covers the adjustments to be made when playing heads up. From preflop ranges and theory to game dynamics and mindset shifts.


21 Episodes

10.6 hrs

WCOOP and POWERFEST are one month away, time to dive into PLO tournament strategy! How should we adjust our play given there's no rake, there's shortstacks everywhere and possible ICM considerations?


33 Episodes

20.8 hrs

Execution and hand analysis are key to learning. Hear my in-game thought process and watch me break down trouble hands post-game.


29 Episodes

15 hrs

In this course I'll analyze a PLO Mastermind Member's database and gameplay to identify and plug specific leaks and help them move forward!


21 Episodes

40.8 hrs

Live Training Sessions providing a recap of the week's content and Q&A from the community. Highlights coming!


What People are saying

"Awesome start! Loving this course already. I have a hard time leaving the felt to study sometimes but this content so far has made it easy and leaves me wanting more. Thanks."


"Loving the course so far. I've read a fair bit and watched a number of videos but this feels like highly effective studying."


"Just finished How to Play Against a Squeeze, its one of your best videos so far, maybe the best play and explain I have seen. well done."